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Listening to Thanks for the Dance, the album of Leonard Cohen’s final songs. 🎵

What is immediately striking about Thanks for the Dance is how organic these meticulously constructed songs sound, given that five of them were assembled from the barest musical sketches and four others fro...

Outbatted, outbowled, outplayed. New Zealand beat England by an innings and 65 runs in the first Test at Mount Maunganui. An exhibition of how to comprehensively win a 5 day game of cricket. 🏏

Rhoswenallt Inn. Drinking a Santa’s Little Belter by Glamorgan Brewing Co

Weekly ♫ My Top 5 artists: Steve Hillage (14), Bent Knee (13), Ann Murray/Nobuko Imai/Stephen Kovacevich (1), Claude Debussy (1)

He may be an anarchist who has voted only once in his life, but the comics legend Alan Moore is calling on his fans to oppose the “rapacious, smirking rightwing parasites” currently in government and join him in voting Labour.

Alan Moore drops anarchism to champion Labour against Tor...

Tiny Rebel. Had to try a pint because of the name. Not disappointed. — Drinking a Stuck In A Metaphor by Turning Point Brew Co.

Off to see Steve Hillage and Gong at The Tramshed, Cardiff tonight. Flying teapots and electric Camembert: the story of Gong, prog’s trippiest band – link 🔗 🎵

Back to Test cricket - New Zealand play England in the first of two Test matches. Match at the Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand. Morning start in NZ at least means I can watch most of the first session before bedtime in the UK. 😀 🏏

The Double, 2013 - ★★★★★ Watched on Wednesday November 20, 2019. 🎥

Delico Deli. Americano and pesto panini ☕️

4000 year old Babylonian stews from cuneiform tablets – link 🔗

A short video of the attempt to recreate them is on YouTube.

There’s a really good explanation of a Green New Deal for the UK on the Labour for a Green New Deal website, with a number of detailed policy documents packed with information. Also nice to see that the site itself is well designed. The Green New Deal Explained – link 🔗

Rhoswenallt Inn. Drinking a Jemima’s Pitchfork by Glamorgan Brewing Co

Wkly🎵 ♫ My Top 5 artists: Abbado, VPO, Norman (54), The Sufis (35), Bent Knee (14), Gloria (10)

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