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I’ve woken up to a slight change from the sunshine of yesterday ❄️

I don’t know the details, but it can’t be a bad thing. 🍺

India beat Australia by 3 wickets in the fourth and final Test. Tremendous finish to the series, amazing performance by India. 🏏

Up early enough to see the final 25 overs of the fourth Australia v India Test match. Rishabh Pant just got his 50 and looking strong; India should surely get at least the draw they need to keep the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Definitely an exciting finish ahead. 🏏

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@joeo10 Thank you, worth chilly walk then! A Happy New Year to you too!

Walking in a frosty Dare Valley Country Park this morning. Views from the Penrhiwllech Trail. Plenty of snow visible on the Brecons.

Can’t resist staying up late to see the start of the third Test between Australia and India in Sydney. UK start time 11:30pm 😞 🏏

There’s no need to peel ginger | Waste not 🔗 I used to peel my ginger badly, trimming off chunks of skin until I was left with a hexagonal prism and throwing a good third of the original unpeeled knob in… theguardian.com/food/2021/jan/

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