Tried making sushi for the first time today - avocado and cucumber rolls.

Garden plant identification. Does anyone know what these purple flowers are? 🌱

Currently reading: The Book of Tokyo: A City In Short Fiction (Reading the City) edited by Jim Hinks, Masashi Matsuie & Michael Emmerich 📚

This week’s Flickr Friday theme of Childhood Memories gave me the opportunity to do this. Luckily nobody saw me playing with Action Man in the garden. 😳

Lockdown just got serious - teaching my wife and daughter to play chess - their first game… ♟

My daughter’s 19th lockdown birthday celebration this morning. 🎉

Regressing back to medieval times today and drinking mead with hops from Wye Valley Meadery.

In the process of cooking a Kimchi Miso Hotpot from Tim Anderson’s Vegan Japaneasy

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