In the process of cooking a Kimchi Miso Hotpot from Tim Anderson’s Vegan Japaneasy

Just received Tim Anderson’s Vegan JapanEasy in today’s post. Still awaiting delivery of some required ingredients though… 📚

Made a loaf using khorasan flour for the first time. Rise was a bit peculiar but I really like the taste and texture.

Rushden Transport Museum. Drinking a Black Country Bitter by Holdens Brewery

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 30: Vision - Hawk-eyed. Fresco by Giandomenico Tiepolo. (Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice, 2019) 📷

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 29: Leap - Water still leaping out of the ground in Mountain Ash today - a lot more rain over the last couple of days. 📷

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 28: Below - At the WNO performance of Carmen last night we literally had back row seats. Everything was below us. 📷

Wales Millennium Centre. Check in 🗺 - Carmen, Welsh National Opera.

Las Iguanas. Check in 🗺 -
cocktails, wine and bar snacks in Cardiff Bay. Weather is gorgeous. ☀️

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