John Keats was born , 31st October 1795. And on 31st October 1820 the 25 year old poet also first set foot on Italian soil after 35 days at sea and 10 in quarantine. Keats-Shelley Memorial Association podcast 🔗

🎵 My Top weekly artists: Ivor Cutler (18), Glenn Gould (17), Robert Wyatt (13), Kevin Morby (10) & Doves (6) via

Very weird that Six Nations rugby on now. But watching Ireland v Italy 🏉

The State of It – George Monbiot 🔗

The Conservative promise to shrink the state was always a con. But it has seldom been as big a lie as it is today. Johnson grabs powers back from Parliament with both fists …

🎵 My Top weekly artists: Glenn Gould (94), Waxahatchee (23), Kevin Morby (21), Real Estate (21) & Ivor Cutler (5) via

Inspired by seeing the Eastern European sweet bread povitica on the Great British Bake Off I tried a savoury pesto-filled version. Quite pleased with the appearance and taste. 🍞

14 Oct 2020 at 10:09 - Walking Track - Check out my @viewranger track () - total distance 6.32 miles. View it here.

A Day in the Life

Walking through the Ynys Recreation Ground — Aberdare Cricket Club winding down for the winter. 🏏

📍 — Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales
🕰️ — Wednesday October 14th, 11:27 BST

Worrying.I have become that elderly person with a blanket on their lap. It’s getting chilly …

Whitebait, mackerel with black garlic braised lentils and a coffee crème brûlée - a brilliant Sunday lunch at the Bunch of Grapes, Pontypridd today. Accompanied by a few pints of a Salopian Brewery New England IPA. 🍺 🐟

The most important invention of the 20th century keeps us alive but is killing the environment. The solution? Eat less meat 🔗

What has been made into a commodity cannot easily be brought back to being a luxury. That’s the luxury trap. And it’s not the first time we’ve fallen for it.

Continuing the saga - Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for Ugandan rolex. Superb! Far exceeded my expectations; can’t imagine the egg-based version would be better.

From standup to stanzas: Frank Skinner’s terrific guide to poetry 🔗

Now embarking on its second series, the podcast is a terrific listen: bursting with enthusiasm for its chosen poems and constantly amusing about Skinner’s relationship with them.

Aston Villa - Liverpool finishes 7-2. Outstanding night for Villa! ⚽️

Aston Villa v Liverpool. Villa leading 4-1 at half-time! Hat-trick for Ollie Watkins 😃 ⚽️

How the Indian Premier League clean bowled English T20 cricket 🔗🏏 Two hundred million people watched the IPL season opener in Abu Dhabi … more than the Super Bowl audience and not too far off the Champions League final.

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