🎵 My Top weekly artists: Elbow (26), HMS Morris (13), Mary Lou Williams (11), Nadine Shah (11) & Laura Marling (10) via tweekly.fm bit.ly/mus1c7

Walking around Manorbier beach yesterday morning we encountered this ridiculously confident robin. This was filmed from about 3 feet away with standard iPhone camera! ... thedimpau.se/2021/09/18/walkin

rum & fizz. Check in 🗺 — Rum & Fizz for coffee, not rum at 10am 😉☕️

Couple of quick photos at the start of Elbow’s gig at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff last night 🎵

Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. Check in 🗺 — Elbow at Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff 🎵

Sitting outside Cafe Citta, Cardiff. Double espressos ☕️

Cafe Citta. Check in 🗺 — linguine alla puttanesca at Cafe Citta 🇮🇹

A squirrel broke into our peanut butter while we were out! 🐿

Got to say @sam, Mimi is so good - I use it for most of my Micro.blog image uploads now, especially when I haven’t got a wi-fi connection. Even with a poor mobile data signal Mimi manages to upload where other apps fail! apps.apple.com/gb/app/mimi-upl

Sitting by a fire in the dark listening to Oscar Peterson’s Night Train. 🎵

Argentum B&W vs Apple Night mode 😊

Don’t know how well this will photograph (it’s on a slighy crumpled crisp packet) but I think this image on Tyrell’s sour cream and serenade chilli flavoured crisps is imaginative branding!

Seaweed Ale made with Pembrokeshire foraged kelp by Caffle Craft Brewery 🍺

Florence Springs Eco Glamping. Beer check in via Untappd 🗺🍺 — Drinking a Orme by Great Orme Brewery

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