Anyone use a chrome book as your daily driver? What do you like/hate. I’m fascinated by them and wonder if I could use one long term. Anyone have one they could donate to test this theory?

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@Snowcrash my wife does, and my mom and mother-in-law. They're great if all you do is web browsing. I've been thinking of getting one next time I travel to the US, though. I'll get it after i fly, install gallium os on it and pull down repos, then wipe it and sell it before i leave.

@tomasino I’ve thought about installing that chromium OS distro (can’t recall name!) but they dropped support for dual boot and wipes the recovery partition. I should look for a good disk clone usb tool to make a clone of my disk that I can recover with some ease.

@Snowcrash @tomasino Depending on the model you can do a bit more than web. I just got one for a cheap coffee shop/bar laptop and it can run a headless Debian VM out of the box.

@Snowcrash if you can do all your office stuff on Google Drive I can't see why you couldn't. It's not cool if it can barely move the javascript heavy websites of our day.

@ffuentes I could see some serious limits, might be an interesting experiment.

@Snowcrash that's yet another territory I'm familiar with. I used to teach, and we had chromebooks. For years (especially when I was broke) I had chromebook in which I did all my writing in.

Later, I opened one apart to remove the safe-boot screw (forget how it's called) and go full linux. It left scars. I called the chromebook "Scarface." I still have it, and as far as I know it still works.

@jrss I find myself enamored with the idea of the chromebook, it feels silly as I sit here writing this on a surfacebook that dual boots fedora and W10, I guess it hearkens to my desire for a simpler life. I should just buy a used chromebook I think to see how the experience holds up to my fantasy of what it would be like. Chances are I'd miss the full linux experience.

@Snowcrash For some (me included) the idea of being "buried" in Google's Echo system is not appealing.

I also have a Windows 10 machine, and I'm not saying Microsoft's world is better (for me), but like I tell everyone, I use Windows almost only for entertainment - games, music and movies. Nothing work related, writing or productivity.

the Chromebook in itself is a great idea, but I'd go with Ubuntu / Suse / Manjaro today, all easy to install, and the offer the same and more.

What's you're take?

@jrss I find myself using the W10 side less and less to be honest. As much as I like the gui based editors that linux offers, I still believe that the office suite is superior (LaTex is god but my skillz in it are seriously atrophied). I don't mind Google, I have a very boring life and honestly if there is a government or google reading my shit he/she has got to be the most bored person in the world. I do have a protonmail paid email for when I want to feel like a secret agent, lol

@Snowcrash oh man... you're going to drag a bunch of folks in here about why you should care about your data in Google's hand and all of that... haha.. and it's not all about being boring. But I'll leave that out for now, we're speaking technical...

There's freeoffice and libreoffice (different ones, freeoffice is not foss actually but free and for linux and closest to Word etc.).

If I want to get fancy I can use html and CSS, but that's because I blog anyway.

@jrss I know the arguments, work in security, I'm just old and tired to be honest. lol

@Snowcrash you work in security? I'm starting soon... I think.

So I will share with you that the first "slap" in my face was when Google shut down one of my accounts one day. Just like that. No reason no nothing. I suspect it has to do with some copyright stuff on my google drive, but yeesh, I've had much more terrible things before and was left alone. I email them, bagged, nothing. it was just dead. I lost a lot.


@jrss Thats brutal. Looks like magit might do the trick for git, in true emacs style it's manual is 1000 pages...

@Snowcrash haha.. true that. I use only three commands in magit... stage, commit and push. That's it.

Well.. I also learned how to open another branch and work on it and then merge, but I forget... :p

@jrss see you inspired me, upgraded my github to use ssh and successfully used magit to push a change!

@Snowcrash cool! I'm in the midst of going into netifly, and that makes it even easier. I have a lot more to write...

...have you heard of syncthing? I have a feeling that if you haven't, you should.

@Snowcrash the other thing that I can't stand is how pushy everyone is in emails, in banners (click this! subscribe here!) when I'm in windows.

The fact that Instagram wants access to my audio to record my "stories" and the fact that Venmo wants to know my location to help me "find my friends" and I never asked for all of this.

That's the thing - the user is never asked. MS, Apple, Google --- the all know what you need better than you. I hate it.

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