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What fediverse software packages exist and are maintained? Which among them is the least user hostile? The least administrator hostile?

I'm going to be spinning up a small instance for my new hometown, and I kind of want to explore packages that aren't Mastodon.

I am streaming on
Talk Talk -- "it's getting late in the evening"

Apartment dwellers who host noisy get-togethers: did you ever check with the residents on either side, directly above or below before or during your event if they were bothered by or could hear your noise?

signed the contract on publishing my first two stories 😛 never expected to turn writing into a side gig

In times of plague and fear, love is an act of rebellion.

RT @Sutehk1
So Wheels doesn’t recognize device 14 when i changed the FD to 10 both FD-4000’s show up in Wheels being recognized mystery solved Howdy! Your name is rather familiar... I think I sent you fanmail once on some paper you penned.

Turn off the lights and lock all the doors. Then hide under the covers. Humans will still want things from you tomorrow.

Disturbing topics are not a good idea to read before bed or when you wake up.


Bakespace, as developed by a housemate a number of years ago :

We should build systems which don't scale. Instead build small systems which federate or peer together. When a single server can host millions of accounts then it's easy for Big Tech to move in and colonize the space at very little cost. We should not be fostering “economies of scale” for efficient capitalization. Prefer an ecology to a factory farm.

"The sky is falling!" Chicken Little shouted.

"Hush," the adults said.

"You don't believe me?"

"We do."


"It's too late to fix. It won't be long now."

from @SmallFiction

really i just want livejournal with a p2p data layer and an ecosystem of weird UIs

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