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I *heard* that you were feeling *ill*:
Headache, fever, and a *chill*.
I came to help restore your *pluck*,
‘Cause I’m the nurse who likes to... (DOORSLAM)

David Cameron, one of Living Computer Museum Engineers has passed away. He was responsible for power supply restoration as well as interbay connections of the CDC-6500. He was a very kind and generous human being. 1958-2020

Pondering a Covid costume for Halloween...

Too soon?

Reading about how "automatic content recognition" works in smart TVs, and honestly I don't understand why this isn't a bigger scandal. Your PC and smartphone don't take a screenshot every five minutes and send it to Dell or Apple. I don't get why TVs can get away with this.


Yet another reason why the "Internet of Things" is a phenomenally bad idea: it only took a week of effort for a security researcher to completely hijack a "smart" coffeemaker:

Notes to abroad:
You can tell Biden supporters because they don’t have Trump signs.

re: Deboop thread 

We aren’t talking about Trumps taxes this morning because we’re so busy talking about Trumps insane debate performance

-- Molly Jong-Fast



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As the estimable Kenny Rogers sang, “there’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing’s done”. It works for votes as well as chips. But it’s probably wise to count bullets before the cards are down.

I didn’t watch the USA emperor debates. I already had bad digestion and felt unwell.

USPol/1st Debate aftermath 

After reading some recaps from last night's debate, I have to say that many people (especially the media) isn't paying attention and/or even mentioning the emergency our republic faces.

Wake up.


__How to only use text to talk even in person?__🔍

every time i see "VS Code" my brain tries to fill in "girl" after

California will ban new combustion-engine vehicles starting in 2035 - Photo by Ray Chavez/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

California Governor Gavin N... -

A national privacy bill really would have helped the US deal with COVID-19 - CNET - Until people can trust contact tracing apps, it's hard to gauge how useful they will actually be. -

Coming up in 7 hours on is Vintage COMP w/ jasmaz feat. The Prophet-5 Synthesizer and John Bowen (mr. Poly-Mod)

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