@mnw @snowdusk_ Oh, there’s plenty of fedidrama, but... anyone bullying Snowy is right out.

@snowdusk_ He should join and chat on com, though. Heaps fun, usually. I need someone else to skate with anyway.

Please play the Kookaburra song on your show?

@cypnk The canonical usage in SDF argot is “dork web”.

I’m still trying to figure out what it’s supposed to mean regardless. Like onion sites? Who doesn’t use Tor?

“Dark Web” has such a negative connotation. “Deep Web” is only slightly less so. I don’t know if should keep using either one. The only thing I’m putting up there is blog posts about camping, cabins, and 80s anime

@amsomniac I’m... gauging our relationship to guess if and how I can invoke that relevant scene in Bad Santa.

@publius Haha, all this needs now is a boustrophedon directionality.

@publius There’s also the sticky wicket of nested sizing. A feature of CJK vertical text often leveraged in reference works (eg 康熙字典) is having two lines of half size annotations following the main text. Not sure this method articulates such. Likewise, Ruby and other notations to the right or left of text aren’t articulated.

One step at a time, natch. Still reading the paper, which is interesting indeed. Ta!

@publius Also, English in vertical formatting often is not rotated, and there are good reasons to do this for Latin and Cyrillic. My dream terminal would format English as “half height” characters and include half height spaces when necessary to keep Latin both well ordered in boxes and compact.

@publius Haha, good gravy. A mixed text Chinese, Hebrew, English, and Sanskrit text (which I could see happening, frankly) would be a challenge. And I like where this paper took things. But even then there are a few flubs and errors. For instance, the idea that the software must make exotic directionality impossible for the user is disastrous. CJK does NOT have ltr directionality in horizontal formatting. Traditionally horizontal text is RtL... except when it’s not.

@snowdusk_ You remember them too, eh? I listened to them a bit, especially since I was taking erhu classes at the time. But I prefer folk songs or Abing to such innovations.

@snowdusk_ Hahaha, Twelve Girls Band, hahahhaa, yes, natch I heaRd of them. They were big about 15 years ago, sort of China’s prefab answer to Riverdance. They can play, no doubt. But the music is... McMusic, with that awful world beat soullessness... Well, that’s my bias, haha.

mail chauvanism 

Now I have 藍色啤酒海 stuck in my head... again.

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