@SDF @tbn97 Tank you, it was heaps fun. I really must have been a horror/slasher film fan as a sprout...

What is the web-condom for reddit, like nitter or invidious?

I won a major award on @tbn97 Bronzie Beat show, haha. I never won such a music trivia compo before!

@mawr@plush.city Sadly, despite overpaying for it, my phone is owned by a corporation and won’t give me the boot loader code! Grr... :(

@xj9@merveilles.town @craigmaloney@octodon.social Cop-yright... :p

@vortex_egg@hackers.town Likewise! The trap of expertise expectation is keeping infosec options from permeating wider community deployment. Like the sex Ed folk say: there is no safe, only safer. It’s worth it to take prudent steps.

@vortex_egg@hackers.town 🤦🏽‍♀️
Gads, do we really need to *spoon feed* the surveillance ops?

@garbados@friend.camp You would probably appreciate the indy board game Meltwater.

@garbados@friend.camp Write it on the subway walls and tenement halls.

@caymanwent@monads.online More, pensions were within the realm of attainability for blue collar people. 401k is a mere rumour from higher castes for most poor people now.

@garbados@friend.camp Is this a quote of some text?

I’m constantly flabbergasted by some of my more “radical” friends’ utter complacency regarding basic infosec and attendant digital surveillance regimes. If you are planning actions on Twitbookoogle... you should expect your nascent movement will soon smell rather Vichy.

@garbados@friend.camp Yes, emphatically. Let this become a trend.

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