@emsenn Rather! And more than rooms is the notion of resource complexity. It sounds like you are proposing a level of simulation play that... yea, it needs heaps of balancing. Can be done, though, and sounds fun to me.

@Shufei I think I'll probably have it work like:

If you `examine` the island while knowing the lemons are there (say from hearing a rumor), you will permanently reveal them and can then `collect` them.

(that's probably how a LOT of the world's skillchecks will work: learn information, use it to unlock new information, use that to unlock interaction)

@emsenn Haha, again I’m reminded of the Salton Sea. If you’ve never been, it’s a marvellously strange place, below sea level, where sand and salt and fetid fish and winds mingle much as this. It too, was born of a certain Earth magick, and needs to be reborn from sloshing sea or river above from time to time.

I love those old cannon lobbing games like Worms. Funny to think of a magical version.

@emsenn Lovely! Might have to be a challenge to find them? No (look) will reveal them in such a fog, I infer.

@emsenn You set the constraints, chief, I’ll play within them, ha. Good to know.

What if there an island in a delta rivulet which may have allowed such an exotic survival thanks to divine auspice...? No magic in it, nothing “special”, natch, save the yummy puckering fruits.

@emsenn Silly... I’d say potentially classic. Wandering about I thought, “It reminds me of a Baum book” (Wizard of Oz and such).

If Tolkien can have his Tom Bombadil, no doubt it’s couth to have an Aldous Honeyfern.

@emsenn Haha, thanks. I tend to play pretend in a childlike adhoc manner, QED, so even if they don’t get coded, some might be found by a fey whiff of magic. ;)

@emsenn This is the seed of a worthy manifesto. Sincerely. I’d challenge that many of us are hungry for just this sort of curiosity-rich environment. Weave away on that! It will only help things, however far you want to take this concept. I can see it will be a challenge to embody that in a MUD. But frankly, I haven’t seen it done with any seriousness, so you do have a real opening here for something new.

Regardless, it’s indeed heartfelt, and that is a joy.

@Shufei Someone calls out selling veggies at the farmers market, but WHY are they calling out, WHO are they calling out to. WHO reacts? The world is /so dense with information/ and we throw so muhc of it out in favor of more important things like feeling anxious about what our coworker has said.

We don't have to do that. I want there to be a space where folk are encouraged to not do that

@Shufei I haven't figured out how to say this in a way that doesn't sound conceited, but honestly part of what I want to do with a MUD is let people see the world around them the way I see the world, the real world, around me. Look at that sand in the gutter. No one must have swept here in a while. The sand is glittery. There must be some mineral in the dirt here. What else can we learn from looking at the dirt? Are the bricks here the same color as the dirt, or are the imported?

@emsenn Imagination... Ha... I shan’t get metapolitical save to say that we’re in one of those eras where it’s much more a rarity than most realize. Good on you for taking this in a compelling new direction.

Righto, I have a hint where to find sugar, but no need to clue me in on lemons. I’ll go exploring sometime to find those maybe, or something else equal to the task!

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@emsenn I’d push back calling it “trivial”, old chap. I hazard there is an unplumbed niche for this as MUD, given the popularity of farm simulators and such. Not everyone wants yet another Tolkien rip-off with orcs and leet loot. Frankly, your notion of a gentler quotidian resource rpg is more enticing to me, at all rates.

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@emsenn It feels like this is a dear project for you, something personal. That is a precious thing. We are honoured that you share it with the world.

MUD Milestone:

Two people were (briefly) talking to each other while I wasn't even logged in.

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