Dear tech wizards,

How do you stop and start work? That is, how do you pick up mentally a project where you left off? Notes? Saved tabs? Reminders?


Looks like Adam Curry spoke about Internet Gopher on the Rogan Podcast, so I had to dig this out of the email archives from September '93 @adam  #cybersleaze:

@nova I’d rather the dimensions were turned 90 deg downward so one could lay down.


bad tactile feelings, websites 

re: Office hours are active 

@Jo @tek Maybe the 50 cents party paid propaganda trolls are here too? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Office hours are active 

@tek A few months ago I offered what I thought was a de rigueur dismissal of Huawei, and had shills come out of the woodwork for it, saying that “American companies are also bad!”

Point... Missed.

@Truck Please consider putting your things in a phlog?

@Truck @coffeerobot @solderpunk @dirtycommo
It would be nice in a text file, I daresay. Thanks, you just finally taught me what an ANSI bomb was, amongst other choice tidbits.

I think what I’m after with colour escapes is something in between the use cases you summarized. I love the look of bbs motd art, wishing for something gopher to approximate it. Ansi escapes are most ready at hand.

There may be a shortcut to defining further, if various palletes are indicated in a header notation. 🤔

@Shufei @coffeerobot @solderpunk @dirtycommo
Summary part 2:

Escape codes allow you to do either; support is up to the viewer in that case. Software that produces these escape codes should likely provide a "test" for clients, so they can see how badly their stuff renders.

Escape codes also can be hijacked; they have been for AGES - ANSI bombs and other forms of malicious things, so there ARE reasons to not do this sort of thing.

aka "this is why we can't have nice things."

Final thoughts:
If your intent is to show artwork, go for truecolor support.
If your intent is to allow users to highlight things, go for 16 color support and SUGGEST a pallette, i.e. "this software assumes you have used color 15 for bright highlights and color 7 for warning"
- which will allow people with colorblindness to ALSO be able to adjust.

@Truck This is an interesting issue... I was pondering something analogous when looking at the ansi colour chart, that even in PC’s, the rendered colour could be diverse, like “Yellow” goes from mustard to orange.

How would someone on an Amiga bbs constrain a client to a pallete? Is that possible? I kind of like the idea of a fuzzy colour set, but if it can be constrained that is nice.

@coffeerobot @solderpunk @dirtycommo

Thank you so much. I'm just cleaning stuff up at the moment (the code). I'm really glad you like it so much. Once I'm done cleaning I'll tag a release and put up binaries. I want to test running it on my retro computer, too.

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words and am excited to have my first user; I'm glad you like the emojis, too. I'm using the default "Ubuntu Mono Regular," which I find to be a really great monospaced font in general.

@Shufei @solderpunk @dirtycommo

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