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Where is the “classic menu” panel doohickey config hidden? The thing what says “Applications Places System”. I’d like to edit the strings shown on the panel.


Let’s waste 4 hours together on a stupid locale / font misconfiguration.

1. I would like to install Foo
2. Foo requires Bar, which I don’t have installed.
3. I cannot install Bar because Baz mysterious error.
4. Baz mysterious error turns out, upon research, to require Bazz.
5. Bazz doesn’t exist in repository. Maybe Bazzz will work.
6. More research. Compile Bazzz! But you can’t $ make because Bazzz needs Bazzzz.
7. Bazzzz needs Foo to install.
8. Go mental. Loop 1.


Dear neighbours,

I need to kill my Windows install once and for all. I need a way to not just bak up ios or but fiddle with files on it like ifunbox and iexplorer can do. How can one do such under Linux? Simple bak under CLI isn’t it. Thanks heaps.

Dear ,

How do you get HRD (and other old ham Win programmes) to play with ALSA under Wine in ? Thanks ever so much.

Dear ,

How can I pull individual files off iOS/iPadOS 13 and put them back on in you like with ifunbox?


I love sharing the excitement and frustration of learning things with friends. Sometimes it's a challenge. But the thrill of success when it happens is heaps amazing.

Linux is my problematic girlfriend.

What do you all make of , the distro with sauce?
I'm a devoute MATE and occasional user, so would like an educated opinion of the security update regime for this distro. The somewhat lax cycle of Mint has been noted, so hoping it is rigorous.

Thanks heaps.

My compy crashed and had to reboot, after which Linux (systemd?) silently asked (no debug dump) if I wanted to let it try to fix errors. After, yes, it booted up fine...
Except ~/.config/MATE/stickynotes-applet.xml has been wiped clean, without my recent compy notes! Any ideas how and where to restore that file? It's never done this before.
Thanks heaps.

I just discovered and I may bounce out the window with joy. What a ripping doodad for your terminal!

"But Shufei, everyone knows about that...", says Mr. Leete

I didn't. This thing is too nifty. What else am I missing? Where does one learn about these things?

Basic question, please:
How does one check in exactly which of your repositories wants to provide an update to a package?
Even with few ppa's, it's good to keep on any anomalous offerings.
Thanks heaps!

users of and who aren't adept at debugging code might note:
I had trouble with https after updating Lynx. It turned out to be an easy fix. GNU TLS libraries weren't installed or weren't talking correctly. I added the dev lib and a few others. I believe the dev did it.
Elinks and Lynx still crash sometimes, so if anyone has input on this, please ping me.

I think the Terminal or Lynx is confuzzled by the fonts, not knowing to substitute my standard terminal font for the emoji font.
That's a stark guess. But it makes sense.
I have seen no terminal with selectivity of per-character font. Or other programs, for that matter. registration of fonts for certain languages would be a nifty notion.

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Dear Nerdy Penpals,
If I delete my swap and mk a new swap at the end of the drive, then
expand my root into the 8Gb where the old swap part was,
is there anything spooky or dangereaux about this I ought to know about? Beyond what the man/help files indicate?
Tanks heaps!

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