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How do you get HRD (and other old ham Win programmes) to play with ALSA under Wine in ? Thanks ever so much.

AO-7 here shows off to prove that satellite cleanroom manufacturing is for *wimps.*

Oscar 7 has been flying around bouncing transmissions in 5 ways since 1974, the same year as poor old Skylab went kablooie.

Bunnysuits? We don’t need no stinking bunnysuits.


Dear has anyone used an to drive an like kiwi? Is it happy to do that?

Also, has anyone modded the wifi (or a USB dongle) to do / -mesh? Ethernet is just one more thing to draw current, so it would be nice to cut that out for remote solar...


“Marconi spins in his grave every time a ham buys an aerial instead of building it.”

I’ve tried to live by this, at least for HF antennas and beam antennas. But aside from awkwardly mounted J poles and such, I can’t think of a good DIY route for mobile whips aside from hacking down on old CB antennas (which I’ve done). Any ideas or favourite solutions, ?

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The $4 Antenna is a classic manifesto urging a DIY and low cost attitude at least toward antenna experimentation, design, and implementation. This sort of information saves new hams a lot of worry and hassle when confronted with rich kid syndrome.

Vertrauen is the stately flagship for the Synchronet bbs server.
Joy upon joy, they provide direct access to many of the goodies on offer, including real time DOVE-net, Fidonet, and fsxnet boards.
I was pleased to discover these fora rather active, and with discussions.

Oh, good gravy! phone number 1006 is a hoot! Where did this come from? Who found this?
So cute, so funny... What a joy.

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