I heartily savour the use of colour at Dock Masters 2020 compo. The ambient light changes colour when the clock runs out. This avoids a lot of the nonsense with audio buzzers which climbers may tune out in concentration, and is sensorially far more charming. Nice vivid hue but darkish shades. Delicious.

I’m enjoying Bombadillo. I especially appreciate it for supporting escapes, apparently in all three protocols. My quibbles: I would prefer to use the arrow keys for moving around. And I’d rather the link numbers not need so many strokes. What can I say; I’m a pick / lynx muggle. But fun all in all, especially for seamless Gemini browsing.

Here is what a nice test page which @Cat made for looks like in a browser which doesn’t support ANSI colour escape codes. This is the new client for iOS.

If you go to Gopher://baud.baby/1/test with @solderpunk ‘s lovely client, this renders in nice BBS style colour.


So going forward, it probably is good form to make maps select for regular or colour. I shall try! mastodon.sdf.org/media/D4rLeij

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
@solderpunk makes the awesome -1 client.
I asked for ANSI colour escape code support on the Gopher email list a while ago and was poopooed by most...
The purists judged it couldn’t be done - that such a notion was an abomination. A heresy! 😥

But he did it; thanks to Solderpunk’s VF-1, is alive!
Mwahahahahahahaaaaa... 🎃🌈

This is seriously the best phlog reader out there, too. Try it!

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