I won a major award on @tbn97 Bronzie Beat show, haha. I never won such a music trivia compo before!

Now I have 藍色啤酒海 stuck in my head... again.

How are you people not bumping to @snowdusk_ on right now? What is wrong with you? Get ye to a streamnunnery.

Thanks to @snowdusk_ for his spinsy creaks on tonight. It’s amazing to smurf some doubleplus boffo regeezered . I pity the mugwumps what haven’t heard of this hypercurrent bus genre, what what.

Catch y’later, damgud cybredroogs.

I adore the mix on .
Always play The Year of the Cat. And Willie Nelson. And now is this Tatum and Webster (Jazz sax and piano)?

But sometimes Mx. Bot clips the end of songs. :<

Wait, wait, wait, hold up.
What is playing from bot on right now?
Some 80's synth zamfir pan-pipes tune. No metatag on stream.

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