is so funny and accessible to anyone who reads literary Chinese. They have done yeoman’s work making this! It makes *actually readable sense* instead of the folderol of JS. This is truly humane, intimate, culturally rooted programming. Between this and I’m more enthused about code than in many years.

Little flourishes of care: I love they use 爻 (Yijing component) for binary and 干支 for variables. And the indents are optional!

South Korean radio KBS is sending out very nice cards for the 100th anniversary of the fight against Japanese colonialism.

I dunno if there’s an implicit message there, but I wouldn’t bet against it. A very pretty card, either way.

Far out! The code key for AO7’s telemetry. So now if he flies overhead, just find hims beacon on 29.5/145.98 MHz, then decode the rtty. Then we can see if he is happy in various systems by comparing the channels in the telemetry to the chart. “Hi hi!”

AO7 is a very good ancient satellite! He works so hard. There should be a way to report telemetry and graph it like for Fox sats.

This AO-7 season, I intend to record hims telemetry song and hopefully talk to him on both mode a and b. Goals.

AO7 just sends out telemetry as RTTY (baudot code), so that is simple. Still can’t find a secret decoder ring for the 24 channels, though. Some are pretty obviously current values.

AO-7 here shows off to prove that satellite cleanroom manufacturing is for *wimps.*

Oscar 7 has been flying around bouncing transmissions in 5 ways since 1974, the same year as poor old Skylab went kablooie.

Bunnysuits? We don’t need no stinking bunnysuits.


AO-7 is also a real cutie pie of a satellite. I’ve been a fan for years, but never talked to hims or even heard his telemetry. (Probably hims oldschool solar panels were too shaded those days.)

Who couldn’t be happy to have a chance to chat with this miracle robot? He has done so well for so long for us. We are ever so proud of you, Oscar7! 💖

Chelsea Manning’s answer to NPR asking about her feelings regarding Adrain Lamo, who turned her in. The scrawled note says a lot about her and the situation - both in the plain maturity of content and perhaps in the cramped, uncomfortable edges to the characters...

Here is what a nice test page which @Cat made for looks like in a browser which doesn’t support ANSI colour escape codes. This is the new client for iOS.

If you go to Gopher:// with @solderpunk ‘s lovely client, this renders in nice BBS style colour.

So going forward, it probably is good form to make maps select for regular or colour. I shall try!

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