@bamfic @vertigo I grok the above sentiments, most heartily.

Most of ham as “the hobby” is shite. It’s bubba with his 1500w and opinions. Thankfully that is far from the whole of ham radio. The problem is they are quite the notable element, a just stereotype or not.

Get away from phone and contestors, and one gets a much more pleasant social context. Digital modes are where tech types hang out, and those for more nuanced conversazione; CW yet has some of the olde decorum.

@bamfic @vertigo One needn’t go to mountaintops, though it certainly helps. As far as HF play goes, my takeaway has been the aerial might as well be any tunable junk if one has ferrite beads on cables and a big heap of grounding wires. That takes care of much grotty.

As for the social obstructions... I co-sign not ceding my turf to Bubba P. Trump. It’s an issue, a bit of sand in the craw. But the good does balance out the bad there too, often enough.

@Shufei @bamfic I will admit that digital (and especially packet) radio still has a spark of interest from me.

But, only a spark.

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