It’s not always enough to just schlep up a whip antenna and pump out 150mw. If you are going to do radio, you ought to think as radio. Radio has its own geography and biology. It breathes with the day and the moods of the Sun and Earth.

Feel the analogue, viscous, ineffable way radio flows. Then you can actually do big and interesting things with it.

Hams often get this. Few others do these days... 🤷🏽‍♀️

And no, doing digital modes doesn’t absolve one from the vicissitudes of radio. It merely obscures, in a hubristic brute force way, what is happening within the ground and air.

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@Shufei the earth is a giant CL tank circuit. i think only nicola tesla fully understood that.

but yes. you are so right. HF in particular is endlessly complex. vhf around here is also bizarre due to fog inversions and ducting

@bamfic If only we could all have the deep perception of Master Tesla!

HF is weird indeed. VHF has its own peculiarities, too, which I’ve played with for a few years. Especially at dx. Mountain lensing never ceases to astound me. It’s often utterly unknown outside ham circles as a potential low power propagation vector.

@Shufei @bamfic I think I can guess from the name, but can you tell me more? Or point me to some resources on mountain lensing?


@M0YNG @bamfic

Wiki serves it up better than I, natch. The practical applications I learnt from experimentation and elmers. Basically you beam the lense edge to curve over intervening mountains to reach down into valleys. Supposedly ferrous ores play a part in it and reflection, natch, so the palpable effect is one a bit like tropo ducting, but closer dx and with more funky paths.

It’s heaps fun!

@M0YNG @bamfic In other words, when people say, “line of sight”, us mountain top VHF weirdos say, “bah!”

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