It’s not always enough to just schlep up a whip antenna and pump out 150mw. If you are going to do radio, you ought to think as radio. Radio has its own geography and biology. It breathes with the day and the moods of the Sun and Earth.

Feel the analogue, viscous, ineffable way radio flows. Then you can actually do big and interesting things with it.

Hams often get this. Few others do these days... 🤷🏽‍♀️

@Shufei I want to operate ELF someday. I want to see that huge antenna in the upper peninsula of michigan


@amsomniac ELF is capital. Such weird ground waves. What antenna would you make?

I once read the designs a chap made for using an oak tree as an antenna. He wrapped an induction coil around the trunk to couple it, then tuned it at feed point for 500kcs or whatever. I reckon that could work for lower, too...

@Shufei ooh I love that. I haven't done any antenna research in a while, I'm fascinated by underwater radio but super ignorant too

@amsomniac I’ve heard about Trident radios from one of the horse’s mouths. They basically had a super long zep with a bobbin on the end, then tuned it by just reeling it out to follow the sub!

Let’s ponder this together sometime, eh? I’d love to do a jaunt on ELF someday, and am interested in water radiophysic too, but also ground wave dx propagation possibilities...

@Shufei let's do! I've also been meaning to play around with radio for caves because most of my caving friends ( @emmett @asvhl and @maxj) are also radio people

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