Opinion: If we want a "small tech" movement seperate from big tech, that doesn't rely on the master's overcomplicated tools to dismantle the master's house, JavaScript can only be a stopgap to reach people where they are today.

Are you aware how much code goes into implementing JavaScript? Or it's APIs? How much ingenuity it takes to run anywhere near as fast or securely as C?

Only Big Tech has enough coordinated manpower to implement JavaScript as it exists today!

Me and Aral disagree here.

Much as I like a lot of Aral Balkan's rhetoric, and rewatching him discuss the sad state of modern browsers, I just end up reflecting back to arguing with him regarding JavaScript.

He, like some others I've heard, think we need JS to build peer-to-peer technologies ontop of.

I envy you for not digging into how your dependencies work, not finding out how much JS epitimizes Big Tech. The eldritch horror drove me nuts!

Sure use JS as a stopgap, but longterm let's move away from it. Please?

@Shufei @alcinnz I've been mentoring a 15-year-old in the ways of sysadmin. They wanted to set up a pastebin, and the top of the list is Hastebin, written in node.js. They recoiled in horror at the sheer list of dependencies that apt wanted to bring in just to get the environment built.

We switched to looking at Privatebin. About 15 minutes later they had the PHP environment up and the app running.

The kids these days, they're alright.


@nivex @alcinnz I had to set up node.js in puppy linux. 3 days later I was grabbing the bartender by his lapels, yelling “how is this the future? How?!”

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