There may be mass housing riots this fall. Just in time for the election. I fear either less than what will happen when the promises made for rent relief are inevitably proven empty. Millions of neo-okies, many carrying weapons, roving southern states looking for a place to park their cars, running on fumes, getting angry...

2021 is going to be a motherfucker.


This is why cyberpunk and such piss me off. There is nothing romantic about poverty. Nothing glorious about living on the street, making do with scraps. It’s fear and cold and your body ages at a rate which would ruin most who walk past to their Google bus ride home. You become hunted by vicious scum in or out of uniform. You futily try for a shred of dignity, while the mere days convert finding basic hygiene into improbable adventures.

If you think most of the USA is the “first world”... Ha, you’re in for a shock.

A quarter of the USA has long ago resigned into a material despair largely untouched by the perfunctory social services ever reamed out by budget shortfalls. Another half of the USA populace barely hang on to a livable facade under mountains of debt voodoo. All are about to be cast into the dark winter cold.

Landlords and money barons... These are vile demons from perdition. Rot them all.

@Shufei and the privatized pharma and healthcare complex. And Big Oil and Big Tech. And... well crony unchecked capitalism basically.

@michel_slm My blood pressure can’t take even mentioning the profit driven medical charnel house without dangerously spiking.

> This is why cyberpunk and such piss me off.  There is nothing romantic about poverty.

You may have missed the point of cyberpunk? It was a warning about the dystopia that awaited if we let the Reaganites and Thatcherites set the world on fire to keep themselves warm. Sadly, most people ignored that warning and enjoyed the warmth, and that dystopia has now arrived.

@strypey @Shufei i think what Shufei means is the "cyberpunk as an aesthetic" stuff, not something like NeoFeud.

@Shufei true cyberpunk is political in that it's anti-capitalist and doesn't romanticize poverty but fights against it

it's in the more corporate watered-down bullshit that the romanticization started

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