Countless hundreds of thousands of people are about to be evicted in the USA. And as winter falls, to die without shelter or food. Trumptowns filling parks, cleared by truncheon. Things are about to get very ugly. We may look back on June and July as the quiet months...

@Shufei Oh how I wish you were wrong. Unfortunately, as a New England resident, I know how right you are. While I'm lucky enough where I could drop $500 or so on survival gear, it would still be a long winter that takes years off my life. And I'm someone with above average problem solving skills. So many wouldn't make it through that first winter, & even with my skills & confidence, there's no guarantee I would either.

@allenstenhaus I hope I am wrong. Truly. But it doesn’t look good so far. The NYSE will continue to crow as people simply... dry into husks to blow away like autumn leaves.

There’s simply no place to go.

Many will walk south. New okies. But who will receive them in the right-to-work oligarchies of Dixieland? And in every “jungle” will stalk the virus. So much potential for bad, so little for good.

@Shufei It's a shame this isn't one of the wealthiest countries in the world where proper taxation of said wealth would lift up the poor so they can also contribute.

Don't mind the snark. I just loathe seeing people suffer & die while a select few who could end the suffering with a wave of their hands choose to keep their hands in their pockets instead. 😢

@allenstenhaus I read somewhere (reliable) that USA poverty could be alleviated by about 80 billion dollars a year. As in, eliminated. A lot of lolly to us mortals, natch, but a drop in the bucket. Wasn’t it 3 trillion that the fed just invented and handed the banks?

It’s worrisome. Especially for those of us ripe for being chucked out. Yea, it will be a bitter winter.

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