Amazing input method for Nankingese Mandarin by pinyin. The Rime IME is a great platform for making keyboards using yaml config files, in just about any OS!

@Shufei The Chinese empire is gradually absorbing minorities, that is why they are disappearing.

The hardest one to swallow is Uighur; very different from mainstream Han Chinese culture. Boot-stomping ensues.

@danuker Um, sure. I think I’m a bit familiar with the situation faced by Chinese minorities, haha...

But why is any of this apropos?

@Shufei I am sorry I could not reply, I think Fosstodon blocked you, so I made an account here.

I am also sorry for making political comments on your post, but my main point is that the keyboard is resisting imperial homogenization, and I admire it.

Now, with technology, we can have more diversity in thought, and I felt I should point that out to anyone who may stumble upon your post (like I did), who may not be aware.

@Shufei right - and it also works on android as a great OSS alternative to google pinyin, thanks to

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