MUD Milestone:

Two people were (briefly) talking to each other while I wasn't even logged in.

Also someone called the names of places in my setting "heartfelt" which is honestly one of the nicest words someone could have used to describe them. The place names /are/ heartfelt, lovingly chosen and polished with care.


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@emsenn It feels like this is a dear project for you, something personal. That is a precious thing. We are honoured that you share it with the world.

@Shufei I think the thing I like about it is because it's been such a long-in-progress work, there's a level of interplay and intricacy that isn't common in fantasy worlds... at this level of trivialness.

Fantasy worlds have vast complex interconnected elven families and their landholdings that influence whatever and this and that...

Mine, there was a flood some years back making this one grape more abundant so people don't appreciate wine from that region as much so cider from anoth...

@emsenn I’d push back calling it “trivial”, old chap. I hazard there is an unplumbed niche for this as MUD, given the popularity of farm simulators and such. Not everyone wants yet another Tolkien rip-off with orcs and leet loot. Frankly, your notion of a gentler quotidian resource rpg is more enticing to me, at all rates.

@Shufei I appreciate that - trivial wasn't quite the word Imeant, but I coudln't figure out how to work "mundane" into the sentence I'd written.

Like I care more about where these towns get their drinking water and lamp oil than who their king is. The people in the towns care more about that, after all.

I do think I'm filling a direly empty niche in terms of fiction and it makes me sad/anxious/happy

@emsenn Imagination... Ha... I shan’t get metapolitical save to say that we’re in one of those eras where it’s much more a rarity than most realize. Good on you for taking this in a compelling new direction.

Righto, I have a hint where to find sugar, but no need to clue me in on lemons. I’ll go exploring sometime to find those maybe, or something else equal to the task!

@Shufei I'll also say at the moment there isn't any mention of sugar, lemons, or candy, inside the MUD, but I will prioritize adding those things for you so you can do your lemonade stand ASAP.


@emsenn Haha, thanks. I tend to play pretend in a childlike adhoc manner, QED, so even if they don’t get coded, some might be found by a fey whiff of magic. ;)

@Shufei Maybe goblin or demon or some other sort of magic? Fairyfolk have an exceptionally difficult time staying alive in Teraum for reasons not-yet-revealed.

@Shufei Or other things like a given tree or pebble can be magic if you want, there's three different gods to the same creek.

@emsenn You set the constraints, chief, I’ll play within them, ha. Good to know.

What if there an island in a delta rivulet which may have allowed such an exotic survival thanks to divine auspice...? No magic in it, nothing “special”, natch, save the yummy puckering fruits.

@Shufei the geography of Teraum definitely puts creating good settings over physical reality, so that's definitely feasible. We could put it somewhere in the Unsunk Sea, near the Gloaming: that subregion is unusually warm for the area. Maybe the lemons are the same yellow-orange that the Gloaming's fog is?

@emsenn Lovely! Might have to be a challenge to find them? No (look) will reveal them in such a fog, I infer.

@Shufei I think I'll probably have it work like:

If you `examine` the island while knowing the lemons are there (say from hearing a rumor), you will permanently reveal them and can then `collect` them.

(that's probably how a LOT of the world's skillchecks will work: learn information, use it to unlock new information, use that to unlock interaction)

@Shufei The Unsunk Sea, a large salty body of water and its neighbor the Unseen Sea, a large sandy desert, kind of prove just how ridiculous the geography can be:

The Unsunk Sea is level with the Optic Ocean and Green River and all those bodies of water... but the Unseen Sea, southwestish of the Unsunk Sea, is approximately 700-1200m below sea level: it is down steeeeeep cliff at the southwestborder of the Gloaming/Unsunk Sea: the Unsunk Sea's border on that end is volcanic rock, 1n

@Shufei that water from the Unsunk spills over occasionally.

Both geographies are thought to have been created by warring magic users, long long before the Break: the Unsunk Sea was created as a resevoir, and the Unseen Sea was caused like the Worms video game, wizards lobbing bombs at each other until the whole area was sunk down.

@Shufei And this is why 73 rooms is not a lot of rooms for what I plan to do lol

@emsenn Rather! And more than rooms is the notion of resource complexity. It sounds like you are proposing a level of simulation play that... yea, it needs heaps of balancing. Can be done, though, and sounds fun to me.

@Shufei I'm hoping to avoid much need for balance by having the simulation be turbulent enough: wipe out outposts and rural villages, that'll change the balance of things until they're rebuilt.

@emsenn Haha, again I’m reminded of the Salton Sea. If you’ve never been, it’s a marvellously strange place, below sea level, where sand and salt and fetid fish and winds mingle much as this. It too, was born of a certain Earth magick, and needs to be reborn from sloshing sea or river above from time to time.

I love those old cannon lobbing games like Worms. Funny to think of a magical version.

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