I’m a damgud cybrechatter. And I like to go online. When you see me in the channel, I ask about wares but say it like warez. I’m a damgud, damgud, damgud...

Canonically, that's «say it like Juarez», the city in northern Mexico across the border from El Paso. This is an easy cue for a Texan that the intended pronuntiation is disyllabic. And of course SDF was started in Texas.

@publius Ohhh, haha, and that is a very specific dialect, too! I’d say it like Spanish with a /hw/.

I take that to be the typical pronuntiation even in Tex-Mex ― not like the baffling "Refugio" ― but that is more than close enough for an English speaker to understand what is meant, since English depends so much upon assonance.

@publius Oh, haha... What is the local pronunciation of refugio?

The town in south Texas is pronounced with the second syllable like the English word "fear". A spelling of "Refirio" would capture it more or less.

@publius Oh, nifty, thanks! News to me. I like idiosyncratic English town names.

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