I'm having a harder than normal time focusing. I can't bring my thoughts in to order or dedicate my energy on the things that are important to me for longer than short bursts of activity.

This is not a Big Long Term problem, this is a small, right now problem. I can solve this problem with focus and discipline, or with a vacation, or with the support of my coconspirators.

I'm restless. That's really all there is to it. I'm not sleeping well, and I'm worried about the future (not my future, which is well in hand at the moment, but *our* future.)


@ajroach42 Maybe try some jumping jacks and nice low key marijuana? Also hug a teddy bear or dolly? Our futures depends on good sleepy time.

@Shufei I couldn't read "dolly" as like "doll-y" and was picturing like, a hand-truck or wooden platform with casters and was very confused because the whole rest of the post was sound advice. @ajroach42

@emsenn @ajroach42 If hugging your handcart brings you comfort and joy, then go for it. 🙆🏽‍♀️

They are fun to scoot around on.

@Shufei I have grown to be fairly physically active of late. I don't do drugs, even light stuff leaves me in a bad space for several days.

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