If you are in the Americas or the Pacific and you need a good sleepy time tonight, why not tune your trusty shortwave radio to 2.5, 5, 10, or 15mhz to listen to the soooooothing and smoooooth and as they broadcast funky time pulses and space weather information for you? The robot radio stations are really quite hypnotic.

Happy birfday, WWV!

@bitgeist Please use and enjoy them, on air 24/7 for the good of us all, now for 100 years.

@Shufei I have done this many times.

The one thing I always found, though, is upon waking up, I'd always have a headache. LOL!

@lovecrafthobbit We have got you covered, my good green robot chappie.

Pick any station in North America and have fun. SDR online is a bit of a timesink, though, so caveat!

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