Thank you, thank you, thank you!
@solderpunk makes the awesome -1 client.
I asked for ANSI colour escape code support on the Gopher email list a while ago and was poopooed by most...
The purists judged it couldn’t be done - that such a notion was an abomination. A heresy! 😥

But he did it; thanks to Solderpunk’s VF-1, is alive!
Mwahahahahahahaaaaa... 🎃🌈

This is seriously the best phlog reader out there, too. Try it!

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@mmu_man @solderpunk I showed in a upload pic. It shows ANSI codes in Cat’s header. So it’s best if folks keep separate gophermaps for colour versions or art, probably...

@Shufei @solderpunk ideally it'd be activated with Gopher+ but who supports this :D

@mmu_man @solderpunk I thought so at first, too. But Plus monkeys with the rendering of file types and a bit of layout, right? This is more just a layer of style on top of plain Gopher as artistic expression...

I’ve never seen how Gopher+ does much that plain Gopher doesn’t, aside from adding the h and I types, which every client now supports. (So really few clients are now plain Gopher anyway.) But colour is a nice client side addition I hope is adopted for them as do such art.

@Shufei @solderpunk ohh, you meant this:

I thought you talked about interpreting ANSI escapes from the menu text itself… although it would probably be even more funky. 🤪

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