Dear ,
Is there a way to get and other programs to always print CJKVZ characters via ?
I can get ls to print with -w. But I'd like to do this all the time. Cat and such print these characters fine, so I reckon it's not my client or terminal.
Thanks heaps!

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Ta! I set this one in .profile, too, and that finally kept it persistent after logout.
I'm unclear on the difference practically between LANG and LC_ALL?
Anyway, both are set to zh_TW.UTF-8 now. I'll try other programs I had issues with, hopefully to see it cleared up. Yay!

@Shufei It worked, great!

LANG sets the default localization. The different LC_ variables will override specific localizations (number formats, character sorting, etc.) LC_ALL overrides everything. It might be that some old programs only understand LANG.

Oh, I see, it's a suite of variables for localization. I'll check that out.
I don't know why, but some commands / programmes work differently via ssh than on my machine. Well, I'll give a few oldies a go and see if they are happy.

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