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So, never done this before, but going to rattle the old tin cup!

I’m a church-mouse of rather modest means. So if you can, please drop a farthing into the cup to help me get a new Gemini / Gopher server going? I intend to use it for divers sorts of retrotech, solarspinster, and smolnet hullabaloo.

10% goes to Casa Alitas, a very nice charity doing most excellent work helping migrant / refugee families!

Thanks heaps!

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Do you like and ? Are you in open revolt against the devilish mainstream internet, renouncing Web 2.0 and all its works?

If you use terminal colours via internet, please hit me up, here or on the textnet. I’m trying to make a central depot for gopher and Gemini colour sites, especially any artists doing ASCII/UTF8/BIG5 &c.


What can I say; I’m a bbs kid. I like CLI text. I like pretty primary colours.

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Amazing input method for Nankingese Mandarin by pinyin. The Rime IME is a great platform for making keyboards using yaml config files, in just about any OS!

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Renewing my call for more colour escape support in .

No, it doesn’t pollute the glorious purity of Gopher. It merely adds a content layer for them as want it, which others can ignore. It’s like the formatting which clients already provide to make item types lovelier. Let clients use ansi colour escapes in gophermaps. That way we can make pretty. Please? 🙆🏽‍♀️

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I discovered a few weeks late, natch, that SKS keyservers are now deprecated thanks to poor security. The weevils finally gnawed through. Public keys themselves still work, apparently uncompromised per se. But an attack using many multiple signatures can crash GPG. For this and many other reasons, it’s best to use the next generation keyserver being built at:

An educated and irate discussion about the insecurity of SKS:

What if the people who are making the new She Ra did a Penny Gadget and Brain mystery series? That would be tops.

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Animalympics: 1979 UI.

If you don’t have blinkenlights and a gajillion hard buttons... get with the programme.

I’m still angry they never made a cartoon with just Penny Gadget and Brain solving crimes by mobile hacking. That would have been the very cat’s.

Inspector Gadgets niece Penny and her hacking device disguised as a book was a part of my inspiration to get into computing in the 80s. If you want more girls in STEM write awesome characters in kids TV like Penny. Encourage girls earlier. #WomenInSTEM


it's everyday bro with the weather channel flow

"Philadelphia is in a state of emergency.
There are NO shelter beds available for families in the entire region.
 Please donate for AirBNB stays so these babies and their parents have someplace safe to sleep during this pandemic. 

Organized by SREHUP: Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia: SREHUP works to end homelessness for people and their pets. We provide housing, and the services and community that people need to thrive."

- New supported smarphones & end of life schedule
- /e/ mail app blocked by Gmail
- why we don’t ship (yet) to the USA...

Read all our more recent news in the last newsletter in 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇳🇱🇷🇺 online below...

#degoogled #android #smartphone #privacy

🕵🏼‍♂️ (Drools) Let me spy on every word said online (slurp) so I can protect the children. Trust me to (slither) protect the children... I shall protect (glglglglll...) the precious children... So precious... Like your mind... (drool)


🕵🏼‍♂️ You must not want to (slurp) protect the children.

🙅🏽‍♀️ Nope, guess not. Eff’m. And you too.

@lanodan @normandy @a1batross @toast
with HURD:
- every program can present its API as a filesystem
- you even get automount points, where a "filesystem translator" gets automatically started once you try to access its mountpoint
- you can easily implement per-process namespaces
- as well as all other kinds of namespaces
- without being a privileged user
- without refactoring an existing kernel and adding CVEs (looking at you, Linux)

@Shufei @tomasino oh that's right! Apparently the entire future is video chatting

What inspired you to fight for digital and online rights? SOPA/PIPA? FOSTA/SESTA? The Clipper Chip?

Everyone has a story of why they fight, and this Friday we'll share ours! Join EFF's 30th Anniversary party and meet friends and allies across the globe!

There’s 55 hand sanitizers now on the FDA recall list (can be poisonous when absorbed through skin); check the list and what you have

Oh hey, are you a #tor fan? Are you aware of the #MoreOnionsPorFavor hashtag going on now to promote Onion-Location headers? Check it out and increase discoverability of your onion sites! did exactly that this morning. We now have Onion-Location enabled so if you visit the site in the tor-browser you'll be prompted to swap over to the tor version automatically. So cool.

I loathe Dianne Feinstein. I wrote to her to protest the anti-encryption act. She replied that she'll keep that in mind as she fights child porn.

I cannot wait for that dinosaur to leave office.

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