Oh, and it can inline images (but I just limited this to 10 as sdf.org doesn't like it). #gopher

cc @Shufei @solderpunk

Ok, just rebased my #NetSurf #gopher branch:


Also added a gopher-item-? HTML class on the lines, to change colors based on type in a user CSS (ugly sample shown😅).

If you like it please tell the NetSurf devs so they might reconsider and intergrate it someday 😉

cc @Shufei @solderpunk

US wealth distribution 

Anyone have any suggestions for an #esata #pci-e controller card that works well with #Linux?

I ever feel a tad sheepish about asking devs for a low necessity feature, even an accessibility feature, because I understand the crunch they endure comes with a modicum or stress. This especially when it is time to debut.

How do devs prefer one add to your plate thusly?
Does the weight of a bug report list and feature requests truly hang heavily?
How best to thank you for attention and hard work, and assure low pressure to such communications?

Ta, creators.

I think... I want to learn to use LaTeX, specifically so that I can use Lilypond.

Current PLN: get a used laptop, put Linux on it.

Eventually, using Rosegarden or similar might also be good.

I haven't used anything other than MacOS or sometimes Windows for a good ten years and I do not have a lot of time to mess with stuff. Needing to install extra stuff or special libraries or whatever is a huge speedbump for me, not a fun puzzle.

Hardware/software recommendations, and boosts, welcome.

I thought those 12 years of piano lessons were a waste until I discovered .

In an alternate universe, YouTube was started by U2 and it was called U2be

@kensanata @Shufei @tomasino You can also use your .XCompose file for cute emoji shortcuts 💩

in game design, sketching on paper or paper prototyping can be useful or economical, which is part of the appeal. but they are also emotionally very different from working entirely digitally. maybe that textural part of the process is just as important.

sometimes i like doing go problems with an actual board instead of digitally. physical versions of things are so different in terms of how they feel and how one interacts with them.

i think this is part of the appeal of paper / physical / board game prototyping of game ideas.

Last Friday was my last flower CSA of the season, but I've been drying flowers to tide me over for the winter!

LB: nothing says "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain" like watching Apple's 1984 ad in 2018

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