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4 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Lenovo T500 ThinkPad (Grand Prize) are prizes in the SDF Plan9 Summer Boot Camp which kicked off today and runs until September 22nd, 2022

Come learn about Plan9 in a fun and friendly community!

The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show is next weekend June 25th - 26th at the Burbank VFW Hall 8310

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And there you have it!!! The 35 HOUR MARATHON on in celebration of @SDF 's 35th BIRTHDAY!! 🎂 🎉 Awesome closing there DJ Mentos @mcornick What a great job!!! 👏 👏

Thank U so much to all the DJs who participated in the marathon, the sysadmins esp. @iczer and smj, and of course, to all our listeners and supporters!! 🙌


DJ mentos will continue streaming his regular show GIANT STEPS in the next hour so pls dont go away!

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PUMPKIN PIE with Monsieur Brugué streaming now !! 🥧 🎶

Entering the 33rd HOUR!!! 2 more hours!! 35 HOUR MARATHON -- now on aNONradio!!

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I really enjoyed DJ @rolltime 's show ! That was live DJ mixing + remixing + FX and all kinds of rlly cool stuff!! 👏 👏 Looking forward to listening more of her show in the future!!! 💃🕺💿🎶

We have just entered the 32nd hour of the 35 HOUR MARATHON on celebrating our mothership @SDF 's 35th birthday! 🎂 🎉

Streaming now is the iconic DJ handyc (so nice to hear handyc's voice again!!), then rodersb then finally DJ Mentos at 23:00 UTC!

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happy 35 years to @SDF
i've only been around the community since ~2015 and only really actively taking part this year but it has been fun and i wish i joined sooner :blobheartcat:

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Slowly making my way in to COM on the coco2. 😴
At least I got true lowercase working.

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Dubious Goals Committee starts at 19:30 UTC, and it's going to be EXTRA dubious today in celebration of SDF's 35th anniversary!
If you've never heard DGC, this is the one you want to hear!

What SDF looked like 20 years ago at the Northwest Link DC in Bellevue Washington. Top down: sverige (Sun SS20), norge (Sun SS20), neguse (Livingston PM25), otaku (DEC AS1200) and sdf (DEC AS1200).

Happy 35th SDF!

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I hope you guys listened to @publius segment of the 35 HOUR MARATHON on ! Thank you publius for sharing your awesome story-telling talents!! 📚

We will now resume regular programming with DJ gregf's Perinde Ac Cadaver and then at 15:00 UTC the marathon continues with DJ G.Love @g-love !!

Hope you can tune in and see you all on COM in the aNONradio room!

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The 15th hour of the 35 HOUR MARATHON SPECIAL on to celebrate 's 35th anniversary has just finished! ⏲️ Thank you DJ @iiogama for the awesome show/DJ mix! 👏 🙌

Up next is DJ Julius a.k.a. julius58 of the show 'Shut Up You Freak' -- from 05:00-06:00 UTC! DJ Julius is on COM standing by! Please tune in and hang out on COM in the anonradio room!

After DJ Julius regular programming will resume and then from 08:00 to 11:30UTC is an OpenMic session!

February 14th, 1990 - One of the few artifacts passed on to SDF after Operation Sundevil from killer (attctc). A few pieces of killer live on in the SDF 3B2/500 thanks to Charlie Boykin.

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35 HOUR MARATHON on continues with DJ Bronzie Beat @tbn97 --- streaming now !! 🎹 🎶 Again we at aNONradio is celebrating our mothership 's 35th birthday! 🎂 Please tune in and hang out with us on COMMODE chat! 📢

The original receipt for SDF-1 purchased on July 13th, 1985. This machine became the SDF BBS on June 16th, 1987. Happy 35th SDF.

Signed by the Woz

SDF in 1992 and 1993. A picture of the case before it was recycled in 1995. There is a Symbolics 3640 LISP machine in the 1995 picture.

SDFer df in 1992 ADDS holding his new Regent 25 terminal outside the SMU campus on Daniel Avenue, Dallas.

The only know screenshot of the original SDF Apple ][e BBS (1987-1989) shown answering the main line in 1991 letting folks know the SDF UNIX system was getting upgrades.

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