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Cow bowling balls are a thing.
Especially at Cow Bowling Alleys.
Dubious Goals Committee airs at 19:30 UTC on TODAY!

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, will be on in about 10 minutes! Join us! 23:00-00:00 UTC 🛰️ Listen here: Chat with us on COMMODE (com) chat in the 'anonradio' room during the live show 💻 🎶 See you soon! 🙌

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I thought for i would dig out my model 4 from storage and get it working. I remember there being a problem with the keyboard.

Well I guess I already did that. The keyboard works and it looks like I swapped the broken key with the 2nd enter. And there where 2 cpm floppy’s in the drives that work fine. Maybe I should start a project so I can keep this stuff organized lol

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Space Haircuts!
Dubious Goals Committee 19:30 UTC!
Also: Is it a Tinder Transporter? A Whore Synthesizer?
All this and MORE starts in 2 hours!

Tonight on Vintage Comp-U-Talk coming up at 2:00 UTC / 7PM PT is all about FujiNet - What it is and how you can use it with your Vintage Computer!

Call in with your stories on (929)299-1269

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coming very soon: MNT Reform Camera. Open Hardware, USB-C 3.0, standard video class device, fixed focus (adjustable), up to 2592x1944 resolution.

(photos show 3d printed case, production version will be aluminum)

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Join me today at 2000 UTC to listen to FLUX on aNONradio and enjoy some music together.

It is certainly better than staring at MATLAB being installed as I currently am.

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MNT Reform Protected Battery Board, now with per-cell undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent protection. We'll do some final testing and then this will finally go into production.

ed is the standard text editor


"This is about as cryptic as it can be, but with practice, you can usually figure out the goof."

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Debut, Spring 2023

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Finally got my internal clock 6809 in the mail. Now I can finish up my little computer

Plan9 demo on MNT Reform tomorrow at SRCS. Talk in 10 minutes on Vintage Comp-U-Talk at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PT

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