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What flavors of Unix and Unix like have you used?

In order for me.

1. NetBSD
2. HP/UX
3. Solaris
4. OpenBSD
5. FreeBSD
6. Linux (Slackware)
7. QNX
8. Darwin

Coming up in 1 hour at 0200 UTC on is Vintage Comp-U-Talk.

Listen in or join the conversation at (929)299-1269

Followed by Synth Battle Royale number XIII at 0300

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ARRL Field Day is coming up and SDFARC wants to know how you'll be operating. Join our weekly NET on node 9229 Mondays at 0000 UTC! (Also streamed live on

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I hope the is proud of me: finally deleting my rotting Twitter account so that I can bring my coveted two social media posts per year here instead. You're welcome wooooorrrld! 😏

But really, I am gonna try to be more present here. I think Masto solves all of the problems I had with Twitter and connection online is neat. 🙂

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That was a nice and quick review process to join the server. 👍

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Some statistics on what will become NetBSD 10.0 

Performance: Some benchmarks show 3x or more improvement over 9.0 on multi-core systems

Device drivers: 19+ new, 13+ significantly extended, 13+ removed (mostly non-Ethernet wired networking that's fallen out of use!)

Userspace programs: 5+ new, 20+ significantly improved, 1 removed.

Quality assurance: 2000+ new test cases, 2 new kernel sanitizers, several complete kernel-wide audits.

Time: Nearly three years 👍

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Hiya, I'm Soda (Steven, if you so desire). I just discovered the world of online micro communities like this and the Tildeverse. I love coding and computing for their own sake, and I have a love for the minimalist/lightweight too.
Currently running a minimal install of Debian with dwm. TUI programs are BALLER.
Also, I'm a fan of TempleOS. I love the philosophy behind it of making a modern Commodore64 for the sake of programming for fun.
mi ken toki kepeken toki pona!
Looking to meet people!

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Just signed up for a account, and envisioning that I'll do most of my / posting there, and keep this account more for text...

Obviously that's subject to change as we all sort of work out how the is going to work in practice.

Feel free to follow me on Pixelfed if you're interested in photography, digital /drawings, and maybe documenting some technical projects here and there.

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I’m finally sitting down and learning more about what I can do with SDF. I’m really pleased to see the Mastodon instance is active!

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Another achievement of my tinkering with Unix: I could now show Chinese correctly in the Unix shell!
- Put “LANG=en_US.UTF-8” and “export LANG” into the home folder .profile file. (for ksh)
- Vim will show automatically Chinese characters, no other tuning needed.
- email app “alpine” auto show Chinese in the inbox title as well as email contents, no settings needed!
- “pine” seems not handling well even manually set the Character set to UTF-8, doesn't show correctly.

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Since I’m getting a little attention, I should probably post my coffee mug too. To be honest, my only real exposure to so far has been the SDF, but I’ve been a fan for a long time 😊. Always happy to raise awareness.

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In other news, I’m figuring out how to install NetBSD on a Pentium 3 computer.

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Stream time-space and make yourself comfortable in the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter sub-basement den of sonic debauchery. Grab a beanbag, transform into a lounge-lizard by the cyber bar, or slide onto the dance floor; whatever your preference, you can indulge in consensual text from your favourite corner of the multiverse! 00:00 utc wednesday

Join the technorati for an eclectic mix of crooners, blingers
and time-space trippers.

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Munchkin 64, a Commodore 64 port of the original (also known as K.C. Munchkin), has been released today by Pretzel Logic.

The game is released free of charge and any donations will be 100% forwarded to cancer research.

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After a few days trying around, I figured out a way to make the Vim showing color (syntax enable) by default: change the TERM to "xterm-color" instead of "vt100" in the .profile file under your home directory.
Now, editing is much enjoyable. 🔆

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