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SDF Plan9 Boot Camp continues with 157 participants of which 24 are winning at VPS9 and 8 out of 18 are currently winning at NEINBOOK.

Are you going to win the Lenovo T500 ThinkPad? Probably!

SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Challenge #1 work in progress! Check out what the campers have submitted so far.

Who is going to win the Lenovo ThinkPad T500?

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TONITE on The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on 🚀

Remixes & Covers

23:00-24:00 UTC

To tune in:

Chat with us during the show on SDF's COMMODE chat ('com') in the 'anonradio' room 📢

See you soon! 🤖

The new aNONradio stickers are now available in the SDF fundraiser store either in bulk or single, your choice. Thank you for supporting SDF and

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БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ Café 80s 58 - Once Were 80s

Join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew for a boogie-session that will take you down memory lane and onto the sub-basement dance floor. These classic 80s tunes will be served hot, with a twist that will have you up and dancing your way into the weekend in no time. // 00:00 utc saturday

Come for the classic, stay for the contemporary!

We are family & so R U - all welCOM 🥳😎😸🤠😈👽🤖👨‍🎤🧑‍🚀👰🏻‍♂️🧝‍♀️🧙🏽‍♀️🧚🏾🦄🐒

Can you win the PRIZE? This quarter for the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp we're offering a Lenovo ThinkPad T500 to a boot camp participant that completes all of the Boot Camp challenges and gathers the high score. Can you do it?

Join us NOW! The SDF Plan9 Fall 2021 Boot Camp begins today! Tea Note and orientation is Sunday 9/26 at 2PM PDT. Curious about Plan9? Now is your chance to learn the basics with friendly people!

Research UNIX 8 (emulated vax780) running on Plan9 with games/blit over a virtual DZ11 at high baud running 'mux', the predecessor to 8½ and rio.

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Here's a tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Be sure to tune into @snowdusk__'s electro goodness, streaming now!

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Streaming for your live right now is Froggyme's Fantastic Fantasy. Enjoy late night funky jazz for the next 1.5 hours.

Support aNONradio by purchasing our new black and white enamel metal pin badge! Size is 1" x 7/8" (25cm x 21cm)

Available here:

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rob pike visits xerox parc, circa 1984. this is roughly contemporaneous with the cat -v paper, and the beginnings of the tupe book. if you ever find yourself wondering, “why is plan 9 the way it is,” there are clues here.

bonus: xerox dorado hardware manual

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