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Catch you in just under 2 hours (00:00) utc

Come chat with us on @SDF COM!

SDF aNONradio is celebrating 25 years on September 7th. Here is a little blurb from the Honolulu Weekly October 8th, 1997 asking the question: "The Internet has been touted as the public square of the Global Village. but does it have a decent radio station?"

How many of these are still around today? Come and party with us September 7th, 2021!

Older face icons from Bell Labs were in the DMD application development tool kit.

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Bought myself an *avocado* Trimline phone for @SDF voip, hopefully it works my voip box dosent get here till Saturday.

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Бронзы Бить CAFÉ 80s 55 — By the Numbers

Who can it be now? Join Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to explore the top songs on the Aussie charts for each year of the 1980s

Strive for satisfaction as you explore the “EXTRA” decade, and discover a sonic time-capsule of a period when “greed was good” and political correctness was a often “tossed for a six”

Come for the big-hair harmonies, stay for the COM chat camaraderie

All are welcome 00:00 utc sat

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Good news: found an Adam! Bad news: full of mouse poop. Good news: Adam! (This box is huge, cat for scale).

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Time for 33 1/3rd and com while propping up the kitchen bar! Cheers. 🥃

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ferahfeza chronicles, in ~20 minutes. prepare your favorite beverage and join com(mode) chat @ we'll talk, listen, play.

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Received my autographed copy of LUNARCY today! 🎉 signed by the one and only @publius himself who was one of the stars of this Canadian documentary! publius even included some really cool LUNA PROJECT goodies! 🚀🌔✨ The space stamps on the box r very cool! 🧑‍🚀👍

THANK U SO MUCH publius! 🙏

LUNARCY documentary, a review:

publius' LUNA PROJECT:

publius also has show on "HEAR NOW THE WORDS" Tues & Fri 1500-1600 UTC

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Dear @SDF damgüdcyberchatters — I’m needing to assist in transport and support with a medical appointment, so The Resistance will be taking a break this Wednesday. Catch you on Saturday for Café 80s!

Coming up at 0000 UTC on after The News is:

0000 Stokesauce Radio Show
0100 We are Free Flow w/ noZomi and Masawo from Tokyo
0200 OpenVoIP (206)929-1269
0300 OpenMiC where you are the DJ

Support your fellow SDF members by listening starting at 0000 UTC

SDF Plan9 Eternal Boot Camp continues with additional hardware - accessible from drawterm and your 9xen Plan9 slice. Contact 'glenda' for access.

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БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ CAFÉ 80s 54 - I’ll have what she’s having

Blow-wave your hair, don pleated slacks & join Bronzie Beat and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew for a silky set of 80s sonic smoothness, covering post-punk, new wave, sultry pop and beyond.

Featuring well-known main-streamers woven into a music fabric with more esoteric song spinners, this set will feature artists from the US, UK, Australia and Canwegia and more. // 00:00 utc saturday (that’s today).

All welcome!

Coming up is an Aussie special with DJ Roly and the Banana Republic show followed by the return of DJ Buttstuff with 33 1/3 only on

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