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Applying "business-card" format labels to standard round mini-CDs may be odd, but I just bought EIGHT THOUSAND blank ones for $20 with free shipping. I'm not quite sure how you would even ship the equivalent of 2000 sheets of letter-size paper for that sum.

Probably I shall never understand "e-commerce".

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I had fun live coding PDP-10 the other day, so here's a new video with live debugging. Writing hello entirely in DDT.

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Do you still use IRC?

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NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

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БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ The Resistance 54 - ФРАКТУРЫ

Fold the fractals and join Bronzie Beat and the Resistance gang to FRACTURE reality and get down with the goodweird vibes of at 00:00 utc wednesday

The @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew will converge on the COM channel, the lurkers will transcohere in time to the music of the cosmic background, and all will be good in the multiverse.

Come for the hot sound injection of wavy goodness, stay for the cosmic afterglow of COM

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Going live soon with the continuation of my re-reading of the original 1928 magazine text of “The Skylark of Space”, by EE “Doc” Smith with Lee Hawkins Garby.

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This is the first official release after the migration from mercurial distributed version control system to ori’s git9.

Mercurial and Python have been removed from the distribution, but can still be installed from the snakeoil repository.


archacpi: make *acpi=1 the default

virtio: add non-legacy virtio 1.0 drivers for disk and ethernet

ircrc: freenode -> oftc

vt: allow scrolling with the mouse.


Congrats to the 9front team for the latest release of Plan9: Community vs. Infrastructure which includes new break beat tracks by Cinap Lenrek

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Coming up on in just 10 minutes is a solid block of creative content for you!

1900 A Step Further Out
1930 Dubious Goals Committee
2000 A GNU Way of Thinking
2100 Deep Dark Inky Sets
2200 Hardmous/Koredians
2300 World News Reeport
0000 Copacetic Music Hour
0100 The Arocho Show
0200 OpenVoIP (929)299-1269
0300 OpenMIC where you are the DJ

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I'm planning to make up promotional mini-CDs to hand out. Hopefully this lead-out bumper, in combination with the disc labels, will cover the necessary information.

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Another short survey:

A friend offered a with and the needed cables for 100 €. Five years ago he wanted 70 € for the same set. Sound works fine, as well as video and probably everything else. There's just some minor scratch on the back.

Should I buy it?

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