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IN 20 MIN!!

KOYU'S ROCK SHOW with @koyu

18:00-19:30 UTC/11AM-12:30PM PDT


koyu is a young DJ frm Germany.Koyu's Rock Show will be showcasing the music of classic metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, AC/DC and more! Will also play some CHILL STUFF and MORE SURPRISES!

... best of all - the show is in German (with some English.. and Latin J/K 🤪 )! 🇩🇪

To listen:


We've acheived 230+ days of consecutive uptime on the main SDF cluster
thanks to the work of Christos Zoulas and Chuck Silvers of the NetBSD
foundation. They were able to identify and isolate multiple kernel bugs in
8.x with the high amount of usage here at SDF.

Tonight the file server 'ol' will be taken down to run through filesystem
consistencies and maintenance. This will begin at 11PM pacific time and
should wrap up just past midnight. Thank you for your patience and

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The @sdf Amateur Radio Cluib's weekly net starts in about 15 minutes, at 00:00 UTC.

Please join us!

All hams are welcome, and encouraged to participate. We host the net on the Echolink *TECHLINK* conference, and are bridged to Allstar, DMR, and Wires-X.

For hams:
1) *TECHLINK* conference (9229) on Echolink
2) Allstar node 50110
3) Brandmeister DMR TG 31650
4) Wires-X room 43246

And anybody can listen in via

#sdfarc #amateurradio #hamradio @hamradio

(Image: Yellow diamond with electrical equivalent of an antenna.)…
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Windows 95 developer Jeff Parsons narrates a reveal of the Win95 Easter egg featuring @brianorr CLOUDS.MID

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SDF is inviting you to visit our past.

ssh and login as 'visitor'

See you there.

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@SDF I totally want in on this.

$ plan9
The 2020 SDF Plan9 Boot Camp is at open to 75 participants. We will
open registration soon, so please check back.

I will.

while true; do ssh -t sdf plan9; done


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@SDF I would definitely be interested! I have played around with plan9 before, but never made much headway in learning the system because I didn't have any obscure OS aficionados to lean on for help.

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茅場町JCAギャラリーで行われる「電気のないおんがく」展で同時開催されるLopshop展は予定どおり開催致します。ご興味のある方は是非会場へ足を運んでみてください。19-22 March

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