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Listening to another great Intergalactic Wasabi Mix from DJ
@snowdusk_ on @SDF 's

Come join all the DAM GUD CYBERCHATTERS on Com-mode and IRC!

Here is my current comfy desktop:

Need a free journal or blog site on the web that isn't riddled with adverts nor monetizes your data? Check out "Message of The Day" at

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what I REALLY want is something with the freedom to write long-form content, like a website or gopherhole, but also have access control so that it's not completely public. oh wait that was livejournal

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Welcome to v2.9.2 where 3250 members have generated 210492 statuses of content that we do not own nor monetize.

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#FF #FollowFriday

@bugaevc for his brilliant "challenge accepted" #rust post

@SDF for all the Unix50 posts

@dotdot Fediverse-originating feed of tech news and tips

@ScottMortimer cool #infosec tool tips

to @twylo for achieving last place in the PDP-7 version 0 B language with a Flailing Effort 🎊💮 your prize?

Thank you @snowdusk for the event last night - people were amazed when they heard you were 2000 miles away after they tried to find you in the building. Most of the stream was archived here

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Thank you again for your participation to the and EVENT!!! Thank you to all the anonradio, sdf and irc diehardz esp to the ones who stayed till the end! LOL thank you! BIG thanks to @smj for making this important event happen! Also thank you to USENIX and the @livingcomputers Museum, and to our ever patient sysadmin @iczer haha LET US ALL HELP SDF ALIVE! Keep the old ways ALIVE! Pls support @SDF and keep using your UNIX and all kinds of *NIX machines! 👍👍 I'm beat... good night!LOL

‪The winner of the PDP-7 B challenge is Karl Koscher @supersat with a ROTish display of cuspy code. Honorable mentions: @twylo Mary Ann Horton and Dan Cross - enjoy the and rice 🍚

no toilet paper 🚽 🧻 unfortunately .. but plenty of and containers full of for tonight

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Thank u so much for tuning in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix live earlier on aNONradio!

Check out the playlist!

u can listen to the audio recording from the archives here:

It was and night!

If u r in the Seattle, WA area, pls visit the @livingcomputers Museum 6-9PM PDT for /#UNIX50 social presented by @SDF & USENIX! Meet UNIX hackers IRL! 🤓👍or hang out with us on 'com' & tune in to aNONradio instead from 6-9PM PDT!

Celebrate UNIX 50th and SDF 32nd at Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm

SDFers can RSVP at

NonSDFers check out the Living Computers events page

‪this looks like a prize for a raffle. @usenix @ebijun @netbsd Wednesday July 10th 6pm - 9pm @livingcomputers

SDF getting filmed for a French television documentary on pre-social network communities

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