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Streaming for your live right now is Froggyme's Fantastic Fantasy. Enjoy late night funky jazz for the next 1.5 hours.

Support aNONradio by purchasing our new black and white enamel metal pin badge! Size is 1" x 7/8" (25cm x 21cm)

Available here:

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rob pike visits xerox parc, circa 1984. this is roughly contemporaneous with the cat -v paper, and the beginnings of the tupe book. if you ever find yourself wondering, “why is plan 9 the way it is,” there are clues here.

bonus: xerox dorado hardware manual

SDF is upgrading to an XKL darkstar which contains a pair of TOAD-2s running TOPS-20. 36bits forever.

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ferahfeza chronicles in ~30 minutes. we will be interested in the form "gazel". records of legendary improvisators, from ~100 years ago. you'll hopefully also hear from me. tune in !

SDF Plan9 Fall 2021 Boot Camp registration is now open!

To register now, visit:

The Boot Camp is designed for beginner to intermediate Plan9 users with access to a personal VM as well as a shared server.

Boot Camp kicks off September 26th with an orientation TEA NOTE at 2PM PDT.

@bitrot The 'rio' window manager for Plan9. The window with the avatars is a program called 'faces' that scans incoming email and associates each address with a face.

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on - Ep 823 - 2021/09/11

(I have adjusted the episode numbering so it would be synched with aNONradio's count last night! 🥳✨)

Thanks again for tuning in and for chatting with us on com during the show last night! 🙌


Zodiac - The Mysterious Galaxy
Kebekelektrik - Magic Fly
Munich Machine - In Love With Love

(complete list on the link)

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БРОНЗЫ БИТЬ - Café 80s 56 - Different Hughes

Join the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew & find yourself circa 1980s, ready to come of age in a hyper-real suburban bubble confected by the king of 80s cool kids - John Hughes.

Whether you catch the bus, or cruise into the highschool car park in your late-model Merc, your hair will be voluminous, and your jean jacket designer, your direction straight to the Mall, forever Born to Shop™ // 00:00 utc saturday

All are welcome! 💜

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"Hear Now the Words" at 15z00 on with Chapter 3 of "The Castle of Otranto" (1764) by Horace Walpole ― plus a teaser for the Patreon-exclusive re-recording of "The Skylark of Space" (original 1928 magazine version).

@polychrome This is reverse video mode which can be toggled to something a little easier on the eyes. It was taken with this mode because there is a blit in view on this video at Bell Labs showing it in reverse video mode.

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