My AT&T / Teletype DMD 5620 emulator is working well enough to call it an alpha quality release. I wrote a little something about it here on my blog.

20 new DIDs just added on SDF VoIP wow! VoIP+DID for only $21 per quarter! Where can you get an awesome deal like that? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

brand new to this site, seems pretty interesting so far ^^ thought i'd make my first post my most recent doodle~ [ ]

what an upgrade to 2TB of looked like in September 2006 for SDF. 30 x 74GB SCA SCSI Fujitsu U320 disk drives

64TB for MetaArray IV has arrived. Will likely RAID 6 or 10 this for 32TB to 48TB online

OpenMic'ing on right now

Blast From the Past with DJ Daniel

playing oldies but goodies

Tune in

You can join in! to participate in OpenMic go to for instructions

anyone can livestream!

@publius @SDF @Curator I am actually delegating these to anonradio DJs. I sent out an email asking for vlunteers 2 days ago.Since no one responded I'm splitting these and guve them out to anon djs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ we will take care of this SDF 🎢

we need with https://aNONradio - is there anyone out there than can go through our archives at and figure out what archives are good, which ones need to be edited and which ones can be deleted? It is 600GB of 192kbps mp3 audio. @Curator

@SDF @snowdusk_ @iczer LET’S GEKI IN!
Yes, I do have the β€œGekigangar 3” LaserDisc. Did you doubt it?

SDF has just added a block of 20 more DID numbers in (929)299-12xx available to any VoIP member for $21/quarter unlimited world wide terrestrial/cell calling (no satellite numbers due to the cost).

My book about from Manning Publications is half-off today (Dec 13). πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

The first thing I ever tried to program. HELLO WORLD type things took me hours of reading through manuals and punching numbers in, and figuring out how to save them on strips. The screen was only numeric, so alpha output went only to the printer, if I recall. It would be another year or so before dad got out first PET 2001.

Tune in to a special "Perinde Ac Cadaver" episode with @greg livestreaming from 13:30-15:30 UTC/8:30-10:30AM EST on

From greg:

"a lot of planning went into this. my friend michael and i are using only and equip. we've gotten for free in the interest of encouraging others.

greg will make their 1st appearance behind an mic to deliver... "

Read more πŸ‘‰

to tune in

It's St Lucia's Day which marks the start of Yule. I've made St Lucia buns this morning, they're sweet saffron buns.

@tomasino @SDF @Gargron I have always thought of SDF as a marriage of tech and art (mostly thru music) -- smj & Red Martian,, SDF music compilations, etc SDF also attracts a lot of artists who adhere to the free software movement (I call them "tech hippies" 😝 artists who have considerable knowledge of tech) like @greg @laemeur tob et al. I am not in the tech business but I love promoting art with technology (not trying to be Apple, Inc here) 🌈🍎

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