would you buy a new minimoog from this guy??

tune in about 5 hours at 0200 UTC on aNONradio.net to hear the story

Join us in just a few hours at 0200 UTC for VINTAGE COMP! w/ jasmaz on aNONradio.net OpenVoIP.

The guest is Former MOOG Music clinician JOHN BOWEN. He will talk about his experience at MOOG in the 1970s and what led him to join SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS just before the PROPHET-5 synthesizer was designed.

Coming up on the next VINTAGE COMP! w/ jasmaz on aNONradio.net is the first part of an interview with MOOG Music clinician JOHN BOWEN. In this interview John talks about how he go to MOOG in the 1970s and led to his collaboration with DAVE SMITH that would produce the PROPHET-5 synthesizer.

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your program is not cross-platform if I can't run it on plan 9

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Bronzie Beat - Embers

Chill to the 3am lockdown campfire vibe and join the late night fireside chat on @SDF com or IRC.

Dropping on an anonradio.net Open MIC session some time soon

Open Mic - 03:00 - 06:00 UTC daily - you too can stream!

@dubst3pp4 @m33 in reality it was just a couple of plastic fan blades that had broken off on one of the cpus and wasn't pushing enough air. we do need to update pictures though, its 2020.

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VCF Midwest 15 Virtual Event!

Let's do this thing online

A Virtual VCF Midwest?

We're going to try...

The year is 2020. It should have been the 15th Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, exceeding Number 14 in size and scope and all dimensions and laying (temporary) waste to another hotel ballroom...

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Tracklist for last week's Movement Through Thought, #180 "Make Steps":

and at :

Electro and Miami bass. That particular late '80s early '90s bass attitude. This show features tracks by Aux 88, Dynamix II (and Dynamix 2), Iceman Ja, Keisha Boom, Maggotron remixed by Soundchasers and Hydraulix, and more. Some of my favorite records.

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THE RESISTANCE 09 - Waveguide

• 00:00 UTC / 10:00 AEST Wednesday 12 August
• 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT Tuesday 11 August

Get into the groove and catch the Waveguide for a mid-week vibe injection. Come for the harmonics, stay for the hook of @SDF com and IRC chat.

DJ Bronzie Beat will be live streaming an eclectic selection of choice waves, crafted by the likes of A Flock of Seagulls, Hot Chip, Sia, Flume and The Human League.


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Some deep diving in the man pages and Plan 9 papers in /sys/doc took me to to the troff/nroff macro system. Seems like Bell Labs made extensive use of this format and Plan 9 includes tools to compile it to PostScript, PDF and HTML.

I'll probably start taking notes my Plan 9 notes in it, just to get the hang of it - plan9.io/sys/doc/troff.pdf

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SDF Plan9 Boot Camp 2020 continues with a handful of slices available. email membership to get yours!

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