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I won a major award on @tbn97 Bronzie Beat show, haha. I never won such a music trivia compo before!

@io usually bands he has produced over the years or the bands that have influenced him musically.

@i we will install both openindiana and omnios and make those available over the weekend. thank you for supporting SDF.ORG!

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CAFÉ 80s 18 - Horror Movie 🎃 🎥 with Name That Film™ 🎞

Coming 00:00 utc Saturday 31 October
That’s 8pm EDT and 5pm PDT on

Join the horrorific @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew to sup on the sounds of silver-screens past… 80s horror flavoured sounds to be exact, with the bonus opportunity to win a prize if you are the first to guess the most movies from whence the soundtracks come.

Come trick or treat Bronzie’s haunted house of sonic spookiness!

See thread for details👉

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First to name the most 80s horror movies in Bronzie’s Café 80s Halloween 👻 set wins a BB TShirt & sticker

How to play:
• Listen live at 00:00 utc Saturday 31/10
• Log in to @SDF com chat and join the anonradio chat room
• When Bronzie announces each new track, the first to submit the correct Movie name will get 1 Spook point, 1 bonus point for correct year of the film.
• Most Spook points wins, bonus points used for tie-breaker, “r” com log interpreted by Bronzie is final word

Help request👉

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I need an assistant scorer for this Saturday’s 🎃 show. Playing my set on my backup equipment whilst chatting on @SDF com chat *and* keeping score might be one task too many.

If someone could sit out the game and keep score, I will offer them a sticker as a helper-prize too.

Please reply below & let me know if you are interested. If I get multiple offers, we’ll throw dice to pick. 😜 (See previous items in thread)

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Tom Ellard talks about his history with MIDI, synthesizers, the TRS-80 and Amiga computers on Vintage COMP w/ jasmaz

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OK. Technology restored to working order and audio seeming to work. I’ll do a test run of The Resistance during Open Mic (3rd time Lucky). Thank the powers of lessons learned for backups.

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THE RESISTANCE 19 - Sub-Basement of Horrors REDUX

My Internet woes have been vanquished, so let’s give this spooky set a second spin!

Join Bronzie and the damgüdcyberchatter ghouls and ghosts of the @SDF com chat sub-basement for an hour of spooky atmosphere and spine-tingling camaraderie.

🎃 your week with Bronzie and the crew at

@tbn97 repeater is there for you, but it was the makings of a great show!

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CAFÉ 80s 18 - Horror Movie

Coming 00:00 utc Saturday 31 October
The sounds of horrors past…

Come trick or treat Bronzie’s haunted house of sonic spookiness.


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