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An SDF sticker from over 20 years ago when SDF ran on 64bit DEC Alpha.

Thanks to incredible hacking by sigrid we're streaming natively from Plan9 9Front on right now! Working on getting ffmpeg peertube support and may test this today. Join us for video only native live streaming

cat -v considered harmful.

cat on plan9 does one thing and it does it well

while((n=read(f, buf, (long)sizeof buf))>0)
write(1, buf, n)

What does your cat(1) do?

Coming up in 5 minutes is oneofvalt's very first show on Turkish Classical Music entitled The Ferahfeza Chronicles!

Please listen in on

Listen to as SDF user oneofvalts streams live tambur music and discussion of Turkish classical music.

Congrats to the 9front team for the latest release of Plan9: Community vs. Infrastructure which includes new break beat tracks by Cinap Lenrek

Coming up in 15 minutes at 1900 UTC on is your weekly radio message from the Man and Atom Society featuring publius


The SDF Plan9 Summer 2021 kicks off w/ a TEA NOTE presentation at 1400 PDT Sunday July 11th on

Space is still available! (for you) to register

ARRL Field Day begins Saturday June 26th at 1800 UTC thru Sunday at 2059 UTC. Although it is not a contest, SDFARC members are encouraged to make contact w/ each other and submit logs to 'membership' for both to receive a special award!

On this day in 1987 SDF received its first caller at 300 baud.

Happy 34 Years to SDF! 🎂

Coming up on in just a few hours is the return of the MATH GENIUS elita / DJ Harvey w/ Let's Die Out Together at 0100 UTC - @ElisaExists follows @tbn97 who DJs Cafe 80s at 0000 UTC

SDF Music Compilation Volume IV features 10 tracks including an exclusive track by Australian industrial artist Severed Heads

Available postage paid (USA) here:

Support SDF and get a cool set of colorful handmade 1" button badges. Free shipping in the USA.

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