The SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 TAKES OFF with Tea Note #1 Sunday at 2PM PST on twitch (sdfpubnix). Camp is running from June 20th - September 22nd and free registration is still open at

4 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Lenovo T500 ThinkPad (Grand Prize) are prizes in the SDF Plan9 Summer Boot Camp which kicked off today and runs until September 22nd, 2022

Come learn about Plan9 in a fun and friendly community!

What SDF looked like 20 years ago at the Northwest Link DC in Bellevue Washington. Top down: sverige (Sun SS20), norge (Sun SS20), neguse (Livingston PM25), otaku (DEC AS1200) and sdf (DEC AS1200).

Happy 35th SDF!

February 14th, 1990 - One of the few artifacts passed on to SDF after Operation Sundevil from killer (attctc). A few pieces of killer live on in the SDF 3B2/500 thanks to Charlie Boykin.

The original receipt for SDF-1 purchased on July 13th, 1985. This machine became the SDF BBS on June 16th, 1987. Happy 35th SDF.

Signed by the Woz

SDF in 1992 and 1993. A picture of the case before it was recycled in 1995. There is a Symbolics 3640 LISP machine in the 1995 picture.

SDFer df in 1992 ADDS holding his new Regent 25 terminal outside the SMU campus on Daniel Avenue, Dallas.

The only know screenshot of the original SDF Apple ][e BBS (1987-1989) shown answering the main line in 1991 letting folks know the SDF UNIX system was getting upgrades.

Less than a week to the start of the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 - June 20th - September 22nd and already many folks have successfully connected.

This session we have several rPi zero w to issue as prizes

Join us!

Coming up in less than an hour at 02:00 UTC on is Vintage Comp-U-Talk followed by Synth Battle Royale XVIII AC1D_P0S3UR edition!

Join us

The SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 is gearing up to be the largest ever, but there is still time to join in! June 20th - September 22nd

Plan9 may just be coming to the MNT Reform thanks to work by cinap_lenrek

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