In 1994 SDF got its first 1GB SCSI drive, a 5.25" full height Fujitsu attached to an Adaptec 1541CF

Here is df output from August of 1994 showing how the drive was sliced with space for USENET, user directories in /u and the new /udd, as well as FTP and Gopher in /pub.

Symbolics LISP Machine Ivory boards for the XL400 and XL1200. Bill Gosper running HAX sandbox in 2003 at VCF6 which was part of his famous Stanford demo.

This iMac G3 is part of a new 1990s exhibit that you can visit and use at the Foster Library in PACCAR Hall the University of Washington until June 2023!

Tonight on Vintage Comp-U-Talk coming up at 2:00 UTC / 7PM PT is all about FujiNet - What it is and how you can use it with your Vintage Computer!

Call in with your stories on (929)299-1269

ed is the standard text editor


"This is about as cryptic as it can be, but with practice, you can usually figure out the goof."

Plan9 demo on MNT Reform tomorrow at SRCS. Talk in 10 minutes on Vintage Comp-U-Talk at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PT

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