@smj logged over 70 and maritime stations while in Japan operating as JJ1UYC - next trip is scheduled for March 2020 thank you for the messages

coming up Saturday at 0100 UTC is the final live show of dj hoary marmot from Japan 🇯🇵- this final show will be from Yokohama! See you in March 2020 aNONradio.net

Coming up at 0100 UTC is Dj Hoary Marmot LIVE FROM TOKYO JAPAN!! on
- please tune in and listen to a live selection of LIVE remixes and loopy edits streamed to you from
This is the FIRST of TWO special shows that the MARMOT will stream.
Make contact via JJ1UYC via

hahaha dam gud cyber chattr is a published headcleaner / red martian song

SDF in 1998 with and an sdsl link to the internet. hosts were named sdf-1 and sdf-2 while we moved from svr4 to a brief run of before moving to @netbsd ‬

CQ CQ CQ coming up at 0000 UTC is the SDF club weekly NET. Are you a ? why not join us on TECHLINK node 9229 and check in to our NET or just listen at aNONradio.net

do you like new mexican hatch chile peppers? check out our quest (and ultimate failure) to survey 15 mexican restaurants in Seattle to find them during last night's openvoip and openmic @Shufei @snowdusk_

publius is streaming for you on anonradio.net right now (this picture is for Tuesday, but publius is prominently featured)

toobnix.org has been upgraded to v1.4.1

Would you like to join SDF Toobnix? Just send an request to the membership email address sdf.org

coming up at 0100 UTC is dj hoary marmot and loop engagements - an experimental live show with user interaction in on aNONradio.net

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