coming up in 6 minutes on is the SDF weekly - Looking for to join TECHLINK 9229 or you can listen to the on aNONradio

coming up in 3 minutes its SDF weekly on echolink techlink conference node 9229 or listen on

streaming on is Christopher D. Carson with HEAR NOW THE WORDS! He is reading for your live mostly stories 75 or 100 years old

wanna on ? us and have

login / mount: openmic
password: s8pF3mrKgms
format: MP3 / 192kbps / 44.1kHz

Welcome to The Cloud from 13.x to 15.0.2 where you can store terabytes of data here on SDF MetaArray. Check out the apps and community of supporters here to

Coming up in less than 10 minutes its our with those of the SDF Amateur Radio

R U A HAM? then join us on TECHLINK echolink node 9229 or you can just listen to us on

coming up in less than 30 minutes on it is a brand @iiogama with Dally Rhythms please this new dj and in !! are you also and ? why not become a DJ on aNONradio ? We are creative and reliable people who want to their through and SDF.

SDF 32! SDF 32! What shall we do for SDF 32?! SDF can do anything. Help us decide what cool stuff we should do to celebrate 32 years of SDF this year 1987-2019

coming up at 0000 hours UTC its the SDF and their weekly on TECHLINK 9229 listen on or get on the mic!

An old SDF 3b2 machine is apparently “What’s Happening” at Living Computers in Seattle

Released in April of 1981, the Star featured a GUI, mouse, ethernet and a laser printer. As a follow up to the ContrAlto emulator, Living Computers in Seattle has released a Xerox Star Emulator they call Darkstar. The link is to their Engineering Blog and contains details on where to download it as well as links to software disk images hosted on bitsavers.

Coming up in 45 minutes on https://aNONradio its HAM RADiO TiME - come listen to SDF talk at each other from very expensive - theme of is open to suggestion. EchoLINK TECHLINK conference 9229 if you are licensed

Did you know that one of SDF's VPS servers had a former life as a server? It no longer runs and now runs

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