what an upgrade to 2TB of looked like in September 2006 for SDF. 30 x 74GB SCA SCSI Fujitsu U320 disk drives

64TB for MetaArray IV has arrived. Will likely RAID 6 or 10 this for 32TB to 48TB online

SDF has just added a block of 20 more DID numbers in (929)299-12xx available to any VoIP member for $21/quarter unlimited world wide terrestrial/cell calling (no satellite numbers due to the cost).

SDF disk array 2002-2010. DEC/Compaq/HP StorageWorks brick modules started out as 4.3GB then 8GB, then 36GB, then 72GB and finally 137GB SCA SCSI before they were retired in 2010.

SDF's Seattle DC back in 2012 .. we will decommission the last of the SuperMicro very soon. Each 1U now features a server 4 to 6 times the speed/storage of the in these pictures.

Looking to get 15 of these for MetaArray IV 2019. MetaArray III is currently at 97% capacity out of 24TB

a DEC Alpha running NetBSD just made it to 4 years of uptime.

on aNONradio.net its @tomasino 's Choose Your Own Adventure! featuring ROCK and ROLL MYSTERY! call in and participate!

publius just called into open and read some short prose 75 or 100 years old. Call back anytime

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