blakkat lost her cat today due to kidney failure. She sent this photo of her with her black cat when it was a kitten. Rest in peace blakkat's black cat.

Welcome to 3 new participants since the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Winter 2021 began. Show us your screen shots and self-discoveries.

SDF Plan9 Winter 2021 Boot Camp begins 10-JAN-2021!


The Fall 2020 Boot Camp is now closed. If you wish to join Winter 2021, please email membership. Only a few slices remain!

Only 34 slots remain for the SDF Plan9 Winter Boot Camp 2021. Details will be sent to participants the last week of December and registration is open through January. First "Tea Note" will be January 10th TBA. Want to participate? email "membership" .

The SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Winter 2021 is open for your participation. Want to join in on the Winter quarter? Email membership to reserve your 3 month spot.


Its December 2020 and that means the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Winter 2021 is now open for registration. Want to participate? email 'membership' to request your SDF.ORG slice.

Goodbye aNONradio and VPS2 - you served well - youโ€™ll find a second life at RE-PC

Coming up after Bronzie Beat Cafe 80s is a replay of Silhouette Shack feat. Gordon Raphael. Gordo is moving a friend today and will be back next week!

Listen at:


Coming up in less than 1 hour at 0200 UTC / 5PM PST is Vintage COMP! w/ jasmaz feat. CHRISTOPHER CARSON of LUNARCY - The colonization of the MOON ๐ŸŒ™

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