OpenVoIP on aNONradio is getting hot with new daily activity!

Tonight is Vintage COMP w/ @jasmaz and friends. @ 0200 UTC on

OPEN LINES dial (929)299-1269 to join the conversation.

9FRONT “MIT FRUCHTGESCHMACK” released just in time for the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Spring 2021 which kicks off tomorrow with a TEA NOTE presentation at 1400 PDT on our twitch stream. Only a few slices remain.

RMS RETIRES! (425)256-7519

"After years of FLAILING to convince Xerox to release FREE software drivers I am moving on. I'm looking forward to LUSING off LIBRE land in the former Eastern BLOC as I Fade to Grey. It's GNU Linux ."


SDF Plan9 BootCamp Spring 2021 kicks off next week on April 4th through June 20th. Slices are still available, email membership for your free machine.

ZORK was in the limited 1992 1st Edition release of Plan9. It was pulled from subsequent releases due to licensing. Not surprising that the same source compiles cleanly on modern 9front Plan9.

And there you go! 9front is now officially under MIT open source license! Join us for the SDF Plan9 BootCamp Spring 2021 beginning April 4th - June 20th by emailing membership to request a slice.

Nokia Bell Labs has transferred Plan9 to the Plan9 Foundation. Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now been released under MIT license by the foundation. Enjoy

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