In July of 2019 the original SDF 3B2/500 UNIX system was featured running in a documentary about bulletin boards and early internet for French television. Here the film maker types in several messages which were to be displayed during the program. Did you see it?

Coming up in just under 2 hours at 0200 UTC is Vintage COMP! Tonight's discussion will likely go into TTYPIX and ASCII but also the Systems Concepts SC40 PDP-10 clone that made CompuServe go!

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IBM 360 punch card nude art 

These images were found on IBM 360 punch card decks. @robert588 asked about images like these on the aNONradio Vintage COMP! show. These decks were made in the 1960s.

Content warning: Bare 8bit EBCDIC (not ascii)

SDF on the 18th of November, 1999.

Two analogue USR Supra modems
One 3COM NT1/TA ISDN dialup
netgear ethernet hub
SDF-1 (left) w/ Exabyte backup
SDF-2 (right)

Coming up at 0200 UTC is Vintage COMP! w/ jasmaz exclusively on:

Today's feature is the Texas Instruments 99/4a home computer as well as updates concerning the Chicago TI-99/4a Users Group.

Join Bronzie Beat at 0000 UTC New Years celebration followed by Vintage COMP! at 0200 featuring the IBM PCjr!

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CREATE and DESTROY historical UNIX systems!

Are you curious what UNIX was like? Now you can experience it at where you have complete control over your own UNIX system.

Coming up in 15 minutes on is the SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly NET on echolink node 9229. Listen in or join us!

QST! Coming up in about 50 minutes is the SDFARC weekly NET on echolink node 9229 TECHLINK conference. NET occurs every Monday at 0000 UTC - All amateurs welcome streaming on

Coming up in 45 minutes at 0200 UTC its Vintage COMP! on

Tonight's topic is likely: The Coleco ADAM Computer

Listen to the stream, or call in (929)299-1269

In 2008 SDF made a QST to all radio amateurs inviting them to the SDFARC. Do you still check in to our weekly NET Mondays at 0000 UTC echolink node 9229?

Join in the sonic fun on as Charlie Yates of DRAB AVE guest DJ's on rolltime's show streaming live for you now!

Quite possibly the oldest SDF artifact from the 1980s on System V UNIX. A dialup session dated 11/20/85 at 01:21am. Recently found in a box of 1990s punk collage show flyers.

Join in on the DEC-10 celebrations with more details on accessing the Living Computer Museum's XKL Toad running TOPS-20. We'll get COMMODE chat up and running as well as talk about PDP-10s

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