thank you to all those who have supported SDF over the years by making random donations.

big to chuq and christos @netbsd for their work in resolving two NetBSD 8.x verified at SDF. please consider and supporting the an to and

@gussunoyoyo @rsh @ebijun

We're in the final two weeks for MetaARPA members to get a 32nd year "Lil' Grey Cloud" Teeshirt in the size and color of their choice. Join MetaARPA at then get your preference to membership @ by September 30th, 2019

32nd year "Lil Grey Cloud" shirt will be based on this one.

jasmaz has setup the SDF booth at in elmhurst illinois just outside of . you can dial a vintage 929-299-1279 or ssh to login to our original @twylo

coming up in less than 10 minutes is MJT and the SOUND SHOW on please join us and listen in

Try the BiTZ0NE BBS - its brand new and fun!

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