SDF Plan9 Fall 2021 Boot Camp registration is now open!

To register now, visit:

The Boot Camp is designed for beginner to intermediate Plan9 users with access to a personal VM as well as a shared server.

Boot Camp kicks off September 26th with an orientation TEA NOTE at 2PM PDT.

aNONradio is celebrating 25 years for the next 25 hours starting at 0000 UTC (in 10 minutes!) with the Stokesauce Show

You are still the DJ.

A glimpse of what aNONradio looked like in the mid 1990s. Join us today on as our community celebrates 25 years of service.

aNONradio is where YOU are the DJ

SDF aNONradio celebrates 25 years beginning at 0000 UTC with the Stokesauce Radio Program. Join us on and support your fellow SDF members in the celebration of aNONradio's 25th year of service.

SDF aNONradio is celebrating 25 years on September 7th. Here is a little blurb from the Honolulu Weekly October 8th, 1997 asking the question: "The Internet has been touted as the public square of the Global Village. but does it have a decent radio station?"

How many of these are still around today? Come and party with us September 7th, 2021!

Older face icons from Bell Labs were in the DMD application development tool kit.

SDF Plan9 Eternal Boot Camp continues with additional hardware - accessible from drawterm and your 9xen Plan9 slice. Contact 'glenda' for access.

Coming up on aNONradio at 0000 UTC in just 30 minutes is BANANA REPUBLIC! This is DJ Roly's very first show, please tune and and show support!


The SDF AT&T 605 UNiX Terminal is free once again to travel! You can check it out and display it at your local event. Details available here:

FroggyMe Fantastic Fantasy is streaming for you live with a special 1.5 hour show on featuring live vinyl mixes and late night groove

What did look like 21 years ago in 2000? Like this @brie

DEC Alpha AS1200: hosts 'sdf' and 'otaku' running NetBSD 1.4.

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