HAY! u think ur kewl w/ ur fancy retro computer & ur modem? LoL I run the last dialup BBS in the world. WoT u Say!? ur mom wont let u call outside ur area code? LawL, dial me iRL or GTFO

We've acheived 230+ days of consecutive uptime on the main SDF cluster
thanks to the work of Christos Zoulas and Chuck Silvers of the NetBSD
foundation. They were able to identify and isolate multiple kernel bugs in
8.x with the high amount of usage here at SDF.

Tonight the file server 'ol' will be taken down to run through filesystem
consistencies and maintenance. This will begin at 11PM pacific time and
should wrap up just past midnight. Thank you for your patience and

SDF is inviting you to visit our past.

ssh 3b2@sdf.org and login as 'visitor'

See you there.

do you like and want to participate in the SDF plan9 ?? let us know. There are plenty of slots open and a is waiting for you


ssh sigma9@tty.livingcomputers.org and follow the login instructions.

contains a command cheatsheet
(wanna edit this wiki?)

comment with your findings and screenshots

to SDF Chatter v3.1.2 - a of 4043 from all over the world who have published 277,982 statuses.

‪150 days of uptime! thanks to chuq and christos helping us track down very esoteric kernel in @netbsd @gussunoyoyo @ebijun - we have resumed mirroring NetBSD ftp & nyftp sites are ftp.sdf.org

Kono reports on the deployment of the new SDF MetaArray IV - this is recognized as the biggest offering SDF has ever made for its MetaARPA members.

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