own a piece of history. made in 2003 this is the last new-old-stock black hood size XXL that SDF has left. first one to buy it, gets it sdf.org/?store

listen to froggyme's fantastic fantasy live on aNONradio.net streaming live right now.

Erik Voake / deadmau5 is streaming a set on aNONradio.net please tune in and support this DJ!

Please tune in today to the intergalactic wasabi mix @snowdusk_ for an unbelieve set. Please @snowdusk_ break 60 listeners on aNONradio.net

please @snowdusk exceed 60 listeners for his 492nd show on aNONradio.net .. please lets break 60 listeners now!!

A few years ago we picked up several servers which we've used for our VPS machines.

a received from Kiel Hosier of concept he sketched for SDF 14 years ago after the Vintage Computer Festival in 2004. This later turned into a different sketch which were available as a limited run of prints.

Mari Iijima performs 15-Sep-2018 at SDF Super Dimension Convention in Torrence California

Thanks for putting our icon on the support page! Since the text is not readable we'll send you another one soon. When we were silver level it included extra text which was very nice. We're going to try and update our old GNU Social "SDF Chatter" for your site. @Gargron@mastodon.social

Now it is time for the Intergalatic Wasabi Mix by @snowdusk_ please listen live on aNONradio.net and get a

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