@sumomo @SDF

Decades ago, computers used punch cards instead of disk to store information.

@randynose @SDF yeah, I remember seeing these on The Simpsons…

@sumomo @SDF

LOL, I remember people using stacks of these as note paper.

@xmanmonk @pizzapal @sumomo @SDF

HA!- Ok, I see that on the Monitor. I missed that. - I think that was a nod to the old computer consoles.. LOL

@randynose @xmanmonk @pizzapal @SDF
youtu.be/vrGGduqmA9c when you’ve mentioned “main frame”, this came automatically in my head…

@khm @SDF

Imagine if all your e-mail messages came as stacks of punchcards delivered by the mailman!

(I've told people, "sure, I'll accept Bitcoin, if you back up a semi full of IBM punchcards containing the hashes!")

@publius @SDF spam would be financially infeasible. I support this policy going forward.

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