MNT Reform running <<DooM>> on Plan9 w/ Kenji Okamoto's updated Japanese language input method 'ktrans' and the new SDF 'neinbook' faceoff


@nerdtronics @SDF @mntmn In person, no; I did see the other SDF posts about it and it's very cool.
@nerdtronics @SDF @mntmn @p That shit's hot but not
>$1500 for the unit
>Another at least $100 for a replacement module that's slightly less anemic
>$??? in 3D printed or otherwise manufactured parts to replace some of the less durable parts of the chassis (the forums say the IO shield in particular likes to break)
Hopefully they'll have learned their lesson with the mini, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it. $1500 charger, wifi card, antenna, and SSD sold separately too. also no microphone and no camera (idk about speakers either).

but THICC and all aluminum and fully FOSS man I want it

@SDF @mntmn Does someone know how much energy this beast needs per hour? I mean it runs DOOM...

No, but seriously! This system looks like it uses less energy than a modern ultra book.

Would be interesting if someone could measure it.

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