Plan9 may just be coming to the MNT Reform thanks to work by cinap_lenrek

@snowdusk Neat! If doesn't run on it, it's not valid. 😜 😅 @SDF

Did you know that some folks got DOOM to run on a BIOS? Yup! It's running on Coreboot. 🤓

@SDF Plan 9 is an official, card carrying, "real world" operating system now. 😜 j/k

(I'm old enough to remember when the benchmark for "real world"-ness was whether it could run Crysis.)


*thinks to himself, "Plan 9... that's so silly"*

*thinks about Hurd support*

@emacsen @SDF (whatever happened to Hurd? It seemed (to me) like such a good idea at the time...?)

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