@SDF Love that text. I remember seeing it when I started using OpenBSD around the 5.x days before they switched it to the Spleen font. 😊

@SDF Reminds me of the Computer Center Workstation Facility at UT in the late 80s. The ccwf machines were all named after classic Disney characters, and if you got one you spent a few seconds every hour of work moving the gridded pad back to the place you needed it. Once the the Sparcstations arrived, you wanted one of those instead of the Sun 3.

Of course, I spent most of my time logged in remotely, so I wasn't using a mouse.

@SDF Those things were awful. I don’t miss them for a second.

@noahm @SDF I had another model of Mouse Systems optical from the 90s. As long as the mouse was square the tracking was really excellent, latency was good. I sort of miss it.

@SDF Part Nr NDN 403104-001A. Decades ago I was told it would be possible to scan and print the grid on paper.

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