@SDF I just used normal audio tapes and an cassette recorder with the TI99/4a (using a cable that plugged into the mic / headphone ports). The recorder had some arbitrary counter thing, and I would note on the tape cover where each program was stored according to that counter.

"Computer cassette" was just a way of selling 15 minute tapes that nobody in their right mind would buy otherwise. There's absolutely zero difference between these and an audio cassette except for marketing. It's just like the "digital headphones" marketing of 20 years ago.

I do remember manufacturers claiming that these cassettes were tested to a higher standard, but I have my doubts. Since these only needed to store a couple of frequencies smack dab in the middle of the audio spectrum at a fixed amplitude they could be (and no doubt were) manufactured to a much lower quality standard than something designed to reproduce classical music (for example).
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