Nokia Bell Labs has transferred Plan9 to the Plan9 Foundation. Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now been released under MIT license by the foundation. Enjoy

Remember, the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp for Spring 2021 begins on April 4th, 2021 and runs through June. If you are interested in participating please email membership to request your seat!

Sell me on plan9. What does it do better than Linux?

Consistency of interfaces. The filesystem model of OS abstraction taken to as close to its logical conclusion as anyone has gotten so far.

Is there much reason to run it commercially now? Not really, it might be interesting if you like thinking about OS concepts and not if you don't.

@ScumbagDog @SDF TL;DR : Plan9 fuzzes the boundaries of distributed ressources (compute, storage...) as if all are on a single computer in front of you

:communism: Our computer

@ScumbagDog @SDF That's the thing. Plan 9 is so different because it's built to be a distributed operating system all of its own and doesn't work in the way that Linux of BSD does. It's simpler, but in doing so can be more complex. To quote the wiki, plan 9 is not unix. Here's a linky:

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