peertube ( is running v2.4.0
Live Streaming is due in the v3 release is available is v0.9.6 and continue to support @dansup (Stories coming soon!)

We're migrating to v3.2.1 for but since this is such an old instance, we've run into non-local account index corruption. It may require some downtime to repair.

Thank you for your patience.

Progress has been made in the index clean up resulting in 1167 accounts being 'deduped'. The migration is still in progress, thank you for your patience. If you have an account issue at this point, please email membership directly.

We're now on v3.2.0 with duplicates completely removed. Timelines will rebuild, thank you for your patience.

If you have an account issue please email membership directly.


Database repair and rebuild has been completed. Tens of thousands if not more records were affected, but we are now on v3.2.1 without duplicate local/remote accounts/statuses. Please email membership directly if you have any issues.

Also, you can support this instance at

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