Create (and DESTROY) 11 different and historically significant UNIX systems on various hardware. you are the root. (so now what?)

@SDF I don't suppose you have a manual for each version, which obviously is so historical in nature it has a completly different command interface?

user contributed tutorials and details are being made here: should have user manuals and some of the systems have online documentation.

@SDF Do these machines have networking to each other? Can I UUCP between simulations?

@se7en yes, this is available to SDF MetaARPA members on the 48TB MetaArray IV.

@SDF I know that, I meant these particular UNIX50 Simulations

@se7en They're the same, but anonymous slices do not persist and have only console access. They're for easy of experimentation with esoteric unix systems. Serious use can be done on the MetaArray or with an SDF VPS membership.

@SDF I only have a basic account. Is ARPA still $39/m? I might consider it once I'm back on my feet.
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