We still have 12 new SDF Ceramic Mug Cups available for good homes in the SDF Fundraiser store from that hidden stash we found in a storage box! They feature a stainless steel cap and were made to celebrate SDF's 25th anniversary in 2012.

Thank you for supporting SDF

@SDF Hey SDF team!
It reminds me that I ordered stickers on your shop in January and I still got nothing :(

@skynebula they were returned as undeliverable. can you verify your address with membership? We can resend them

@SDF I got one a while ago at a BSD user group at NYC (NYC*BUG) there really great. Really good for tea.

@scientistninja those were given out for free at NYC*BUG? hope so!

@SDF Yes they were free, I also got additional stickers and a CD there(For free also)

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