HAY! u think ur kewl w/ ur fancy retro computer & ur modem? LoL I run the last dialup BBS in the world. WoT u Say!? ur mom wont let u call outside ur area code? LawL, dial me iRL or GTFO

@SDF I'd love to dial in but I haven't had a land line in about twenty years. Does it have Trade Wars?

@SDF definitely not the last one in the world, but kewl indeed! I hope to finish my landline-over-IP setup soon and dial in! It will be weird, because most of the connection will be tunneled over internet, but I guess that's how the big phone companies do it as well 🙂

@SDF cool setup. Also that dude has some huge forearms.


Can you really claim to be the LAST dial up BBS?

Just wondering... 🤔

@SDF Well, you win! I thought I was having fun starting a Telnet BBS. LOL

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