do you like new mexican hatch chile peppers? check out our quest (and ultimate failure) to survey 15 mexican restaurants in Seattle to find them during last night's openvoip and openmic @Shufei @snowdusk_

@SDF @Shufei @snowdusk_
"There are varieties of green chiles – Sandia and Big Jim, for example – but DeWitt says there’s no difference between a Hatch chile and another green chile pepper, like an Anaheim pepper, except for where it’s grown. That hasn’t stopped supermarkets or the New Mexico Department of Agriculture from hyping the Hatch chile as a seasonal pepper."

@cs @SDF @snowdusk_ Where things are grown can matter a great deal for flavour and texture. Whether that is relevant in the case of Hatch, I do not know, but it was fun to witness the point pressed with Seattle’s finest pepper peddlers.

@SDF @Shufei LOL I LOVE IT!!

To listen to the audio recording for last night's OpenVoIP pls click the link below or go to the 'Archives' on our homepage:

@smj @SDF @Shufei mmmmm looks delicious

I'm not going to say what the second plate looks like LOL

@snowdusk_ @smj @SDF I will. In fact, I take it back. On second thought, it looks like a placenta.

@Shufei @smj @SDF OMG! LOL 😅💦

the possibilities are endless!!! 🤪

@snowdusk_ @Shufei @smj ahh redemption: home made, pan fried but still better than the pancreas I had at the restaurant

@smj @SDF @snowdusk_ Nice is how it tastes getting chomped into itty bitty bits.

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