we need with https://aNONradio - is there anyone out there than can go through our archives at and figure out what archives are good, which ones need to be edited and which ones can be deleted? It is 600GB of 192kbps mp3 audio. @Curator

@SDF @Curator Seems to me the work of identifying which Openmic & OpenVoIP segments actually have content could readily be divvied up into blocks. I'd be happy to take a chunk & look at them in a wave editor.

@publius @SDF @Curator I am actually delegating these to anonradio DJs. I sent out an email asking for vlunteers 2 days ago.Since no one responded I'm splitting these and guve them out to anon djs 👍👍👍 we will take care of this SDF 🎶

@snowdusk_ @SDF @Curator I guess that’s what I get for not checking my SDF e-mail very often.

@publius @SDF @Curator @snowdusk_ Am I replying to this thread correctly? :) I responded by email about checking the archives of VOIP. I'm happy to review some if you give me a block of dates!

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